Join Our Team & Start Connecting With Others Who Want To Improve Their Skin

We’ve gone and done it. We have officially opened our doors to talented writers who have something unique and original to say about all things beauty and skincare!

But we ain’t no 2-bit, good for nothing, low-quality accepting website, so here’s the deal…

We’re in this to share tips, tricks, and recipes that will help other TBB’ers feel their sexiest. If you want to contribute, we’re happy to to accept as long as you agree to follow our 6 golden rules when it comes to publishing content.

Our 6 Golden Rules

  1. You truly believe in the topic you want to write about.
  2. You can back up your ideas with detailed facts, figures and/or proof so we know you aren’t spouting nonsense.
  3. You are willing to take the time necessary to review and edit your articles – that means dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s as well as making sure your content isn’t snooze-inducing. And did we mention we love personality? LOTS of one-of-a-kind, genuine personality!
  4. We DO NOT and WILL NEVER link to spammy minisites. If you’re hoping to get a backlink to your exact match domain(EMD) website, please go elsewhere. Only those with branded sites related to either beauty and skin care will be able to post on our site.
  5. Showcase that dazzling personality of yours within your posts. We have invested quite a lot of time building up the TBB brand and refuse to risk that for the sake of publishing a guest post. Long story short, we will only accept posts that are full of sass, personality and fall in line with the overall tone of this site. If that’s not your writing style, we are not the site for you.
  6. For the love of all things sparking and glittery, make your post original. We are not interested in posts on the basics of skincare nor are we interested in publishing posts on topics we’ve already written about. Do yourself (and us!) a favour by browsing through our categories before pitching your topics to us.

Detailed Requirements

On top of the 6 golden rules, please stick to the following requirements:

  • Word Count: 300-800 words. If it is over 800 words we will ask you to edit it.
  • Tone: Keep it positive, entertaining, fun, sassy and original….as well as informative. We dig honestly, but prefer to share it in a way that makes people feel good about what they’re reading rather than self-depricating. Try taking a look at the articles under DIY Tips & Tricks to get a better idea of what we’re after.
  • Unique Content: We do check everything through copyscape.com, so please do not submit articles you have shared on other sites. It will only be wasting both of our times.
  • NO SEO ARTICLES!!: As we said above, we don’t like spammy minisites focused on EMD so avoid targeting specific keywords in your post. Focus more on “shareable” content that you know people will not only love, but want to share on their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles.
  • NO Links in the Body of your Content: While we are happy to provide you with a link in your bio (see full details below), we do not allow guest writers to place any other links in the body of their content. And we mean that – when we say none we mean Zero. Zilch. Nada. NONE!
  • By submitting to TopBeautyBrands.com, you acknowledge you accept our terms of use and any editing that we so choose to do on the content you send through.

Here’s What We’re Looking For

  • You MUST stay on the topic of this site and that is anything and everything beauty and skincare – from ailments to conditions, treatments to DIY tricks,  natural skincare to new trends in the industry – we love it all! 
  • We’re only interested in posts that HELP our readers in some way, shape or form. Informative posts without helpful and ACTIONABLE information will not be accepted. There’s a site called wikipedia.org that’s already doing a pretty good job at providing that kind of content.
  • If you can in some way relate what you’re saying back to a PERSONAL STORY of yours, you will improve your chance of being published.
  • We love, love, LOVE all things DIY and natural, so please, if you have a home remedy you want to share or a quick fix for an annoying skincare problem get in touch and pitch it!
  • Links to other posts on TopBeautyBrands.com: Before you start writing your article, we recommend you run a quick search on our site to see if there are any similar articles of which you can link to. Links to external sites will be checked and only available for your bio, so please don’t just attempt to build backlinks to your own site(s).

Returning The Love

If you are willing to abide by our code of quality, this is what you have to look forward to:

  1. Your Profile that will appear at the bottom of each of your published posts containing 1 do-follow backlink of your choosing. Try to keep it short (2-3 sentences) and sweet but long enough that it gets the point across as to who you are and what you’re about.
  2. Social Links: Links to all your social profiles – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, etc.
  3. Readers: Access to a rapidly growing readership. As of February 2013 we received close to 40,000 unique visitors and growing.

How To Start

If you think you have what it takes to be apart of our team, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Email Us us with the topic you have in mind. Also be sure to include: your name, website, links to social profiles, plus a bio that we can use if we like your post idea.
  2. If we do then we’ll ask you to get started and email us through your piece of content.
  3. If we approve your article, we’ll publish it on our site and let you know when it’s up – keep in mind that we have heaps of writers so your article may not be published for several weeks.

One final note, if the topic you pitch is more suited to our sister site BESskincare.com, we reserve the right to publish it there.

So all that’s left to say now is, welcome aboard and get writin’!