TriLASTIN CF Review: My 3 Week Journey And The Not So Surprising Results

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Does TriLASTIN CF workJust a little over 2 months ago, I faded my stretch marks AND reduced my cellulite at the same time.

There’s no mistaking it, I’m definitely a curvy girl, not overweight…CURVY! The area where I tend to show my curves the most are around the butt and thigh region(like most women) and of course with this comes the annoying signs of cellulite *gets my angry face on*.

Not surprisingly along with the cellulite, I also carried around with me some stretch marks as well, which are of course just as ugly and as stubborn. So, I went ahead and got a hold of someone at TriLASTIN and had them send me a sample of TriLASTIN SR(their stretch mark cream) to test out and review. I was surprised to say the least when they also sent me a tube of their Hydro Thermal Accelerator(HTA) and of course a tube of TriLASTIN CF.

To be honest with you at the time I didn’t even think about the idea of using a product to remove my cellulite, I just thought I needed to lose some weight! Although that idea has some premise, the real reason why cellulite appears in the first place isn’t due to more fat accumulating, but instead due to the existing fat cells soaking up fluid and expanding to 500 times their normal size!

You can read more on that here.

By this point, I was seriously intrigued and I wanted to give a cellulite cream a shot, especially after reading a bunch of TriLASTIN CF reviews from girls who said it worked wonders. Thank god I already had one and I didn’t have to pay for it because some of them are really expensive(including this one).

Week One

After the first week of applying the cream twice daily after a shower, the main thing I noticed was a tingling feeling after each treatment. That was most likely due to the form of delivery method TriLASTIN CF employs that they call their SDDS technology, which stands for “Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System”.

They don’t do a good job of explaining what this actually is. This is what they mention on their site – “that creates a protective, invisible skin patch while providing a sequenced release of active ingredients to the skin.”

Okay it kinda makes sense now, but as far as determining how their SDDS technology works…I really have no idea. They do list their ingredients on the main site, but they don’t really explain how each of the ingredients do what they suggest.

Anyway after the first week, I couldn’t see any noticeable change, but that tingling feeling sure made me feel like it was doing “something” and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after the 3 weeks were up.

Week Two

Okay I have to admit, I missed one day of treatment because I crashed at a girlfriends place and forgot to bring the TriLASTIN CF with me! Still I can’t imagine that would have had a huge effect on the results in the long term.

At the end of the second week, I did notice some slight change in the appearance of my cellulite. The best way to tell is obviously to take before and after pictures which you can see at the bottom of the page.

There is a slight difference in the structure of my cellulite, but nothing seriously noticeable. I was kinda hard to show you guys the severity of my cellulite on camera, trust me it’s way worse in person!

Week Three

At the end of the final week of treatment, I did notice a change, but only small. To be honest with you I wasn’t expecting much, so I wasn’t all that disappointed with the results. I have cellulite, but not a lot and therefore I can imagine if you have more then I do, you will most likely see a much greater change after the third week.

The other thing I didn’t do was apply the Hydro Thermal Accelerator, which may or may not have had some added effect. It’s supposed to open the pores of your skin a little wider allowing more of the ingredients in the CF cream to be absorbed.

Below you can see the different closeup images taken throughout my journey. Now remember I don’t have severe cellulite, so I found it really difficult to display how bad it actually is in real life. As I mentioned before, it looks much worse in person!

trilastin cf before and after

As you can tell, I didn’t really see much of a change at all and it’s especially hard to see any difference on camera. Just from my own personal perspective, I did notice a slight change, but nothing crazy!

Beauty Scores Bitches!

Here’s the thing, I only gave TriLASTIN CF a shot for 3 weeks before being turned onto Finulite(click to see my review), so I can’t really say anything “too” bad about this cream, except that I didn’t see results anywhere near as fast as what I saw after treatment of Finulite.

Still it did offer some results so I’m sure for those who do give it a go, they can expect to see a small reduction in the appearance of their cellulite, just don’t expect too much.

When I first started my journey, I had no inclination whatsoever of wanting to try any cellulite cream, as it all sounded like overhyped BS to tell you the truth. Since then, six weeks have passed and now I can honestly say that I am literally OBSESSED with trying to get rid of every last trace of cellulite.


TriLASTIN CF did offer me some results, but nowhere near the amount I was able to receive after making the switch over to Finulite. It’s also WAAAAAY overpriced in my opinion for what you get.

As far as a firming complex goes, it does work…just not as fast as I expected.

But, as always I leave the final decision totally up to you!

Overall Score: 85%

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  • Develop an exercise prargom that is designed to help remove your body fat content. Exercise is an effective way of reducing the amount of cellulite that you have. Effective exercise prargoms will need to include cardio, strength training and flexibility training. You should try working out at least 3 to 4 times a week. Buy a moisturizer that has a sunless tanner mixed in. The moisturizer will hydrate you skin and reduce the severity of the rippling. The sunless tanner will darken you skin making your cellulite less visible. This is a great cosmetic trick to hide cellulite while you work on lowering your body fat content. Shop for a quality cellulite treatment cream. There are a lot of these products on the market. You want to look for a cream that contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Try skin brushing. This technique is very simple and relatively inexpensive. Simply use a loofah sponge or a soft body brush and scrub your hips, thighs and belly. This not only helps you to exfoliate, but it also stimulates blood flow and supports lymph functions. This will help to minimize the appearance of cellulite. A multi-faceted approach works best when trying to remove cellulite. Try matching a diet and exercise prargom with topical creams that include anti-oxidants.hope this helped =)

  • Thanks Shailendra! I work out about 5 times a week and am a big fan of sunless tanning…I even just wrote a book on it lol! But I’ll definitely try out the skin brushing…that sounds interesting :-)

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Do you still recommend this as a stimulator for using Naturaful? I’m considering purchasing it. Thank you!

  • Absolutely. It made such a difference for me.

  • Just the thermal agent though!


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