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Pueraria MirificaAlright guuurls, here’s the official breakdown of the ingredients that make up this breast serum. Before we go any further, the official website doesn’t list all the ingredients in their formula so we’ve had to do some digging to find out what the rest are.

Right now we can only break down the one they have mentioned – Mirofirm – but once we hear back from the company that owns Triactol, we’ll list all ingredients here for you to take a look at.


We touched briefly on this ingredient here, but we wanted to go a little more in depth about it and it’s properties to give you gals a thorough breakdown of the key ingredient used in Triactol.

As we also mentioned in that earlier post, Mirofirm is an extract from a plant found in central Thailand and Southern Burma. It’s “sciency” name is Pueraria Mirifica and it contains a set of highly potent phytoestrogens that in laymens terms are compounds that help increase estrogen levels naturally in women.

Thai people have known about its potential for hundreds of years and have taken full advantage of its estrogen-improving capabilities.

After all, what’s the first thing you think of when you think Thailand?

We’ll let you decide on that one 😉

The 3 phytoestrogens found in Pueraria Mirifica are:

  1. Miroestrol
    This compound mimics the activity of natural estrogen in women.
  2. Deoxymiroestrol
    This compound is meant to be different, but we have reason to believe this is in fact Miroestrol as it contains the exact same chemical structure. Again it mimics the properties of natural estrogen found in women.
  3. Pueraria
    The only information we were able to extract from this compound is that it’s used in Chinese medicine to reduce reactions to alcohol consumption.

Essentially Mirofirm is the product of an extraction process of Miroestrol, which is the main compound said to help increase estrogen levels. Although there have been no direct studies conducted to determine the effects of Miroestrol on estrogen levels in the body, there have certainly been cases in the real world of an increase in estrogen production after applying Mirofirm directly through the skin.

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