Say Goodbye To Limp Locks With the TopStyler by InStyler

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Our review on the TopStyler by InStyler

I was born with straighter than straight hair.  We’re talking don’t even need to blow dry it because it naturally dries pencil straight.

So you can probably imagine the lengths I would go to give my hair a little volume and curl. I’ve tried everything from homemade hair masks to blow outs, hot curlers to wavers, curling irons to wands. I’ve even gone old fashion and slept with my hair tied in rags overnight. While some of these options have worked pretty well, I’m always on the hunt for something newer and better.

On one of my many late night web perusals, I discovered the TopStyler by InStyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells. There was no question; I had to give it a go!

What The Heck Is The TopStyler?

This product is 100% ceramic tourmaline. The patented C-shell design is meant to infuse a stream of heat evenly throughout the entire length of your hair.A quick review on the TopStyler by InStyler

The kit comes with 10 large C-shells and 5 medium sized ones. Similar to a roller, but with clips, you are meant to wrap your hair around two fingers from root to tip then cover with the C-shell clip.

When the C-shells cool down you unclip and release the curl. There’s even science behind this theory.

When your curl is given time to fully cool down it allows the hydrogen bond in the cuticle to set, therefore completing the style.

So how does this product measure up against other hair curling products out there? With every product there are pros and cons. Since I like to end of a positive note I’m going to cover the negative aspects first.

Why It’s Not So Hot

When I pick a product, I like it to be easy, breezy and simple to use. I’ve never been able to master hot rollers and sadly, I had a similar experience with the TopStyler.

Though they claim to be easy to use, I found the clips hard to clasp in my hair. I have relatively fine hair, so thickness wasn’t an issue; just a mild design flaw.

Another issue I had with the TopStyler by InStyler was the fragility of the shells. The ceramic is light but if you’re a klutz like me, dropping one of these shells can be devastating. I have hard floors and after accidentally dropping the same shell twice in a row, it shattered. Wah, wah, wahhhh…

Why It’s Hot

Now, on a more positive note it’s time to give you the good news!

When you order the TopStyler by InStyler it comes with an instructional DVD and styling guide. If you take the time to watch the DVD it will walk you through the steps that make using this product a little bit easier. With time and practice you should be able to master the art of curling.

What I probably appreciated the most about this fancy little product is how gentle it was on my hair. Being an avid curling iron user, I notice the split ends and heat damage that can come with accidently holding my hair in the iron too long. The ceramic C-shells feel quite warm, but cool without damage or frizz.

Another perk is that the shells work on both thinner and thick hair. If your hair is thicker or a little bit coarser, just let the shells sit for 5-10 minutes longer.

And the best part? Finally, I mean FINALLY, I have a go-to styling product that not only gives me the oomph and curls I covet but it isn’t too expensive – which means I have money left over to spend on other beauty products! Win!

But what about you? Do you suffer from limp locks or do you have a hell of a time trying to get your hair to hold a curl? Are you thinking of giving the TopStyler by InStyler a go? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below!

Price Options

Right now the Topstyler is only available through www.trytopstyler.com. The good news is they do offer a 30 day trial for $14.95. If I find anywhere else that sells it for less, you’ll be the first to know 😉

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