Weird Tips for Tanning

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Find out some weird but effective tips for tanning

I think I speak for all my fellow sunlessly sun-kissed sistahs when I say I just can’t seem to get enough tips for tanning! I love them, I want more of them, and I probably spend far too much of my time searching for them.

Recently one of my girlfriends, who also shares my love for self-tanning, surprised me with an oh-so-simple solution she had discovered that helped to set her tan, allow it time to cure, and not wash off when she went to shower. Her secret?

Weird Tip: Sleep on It 

…or should I say sleep in it. That’s right, one of her weird tips for tanning was to apply your sunless tanner about an hour before going to bed for the night.

If that sounds a little strange to you, it’s probably because it is. I mean, sleep in your self tanner? Wouldn’t that stain your sheets and leave you looking streaky?

Not if you follow her method.

Her process is simple:

  • shower and exfoliate to make sure you rinse away any oil that might be lingering on your skin
  • avoid moisturizing or using oily products post-shower
  • towel off and make sure you are completely dry
  • apply your self-tanner evenly
  • allow 10 minutes for your tanner to set in
  • use a blowdryer to ensure your tanner is completely absorbed – the hot air will also help to open your pores
  • allow another 10 minutes for your solution to further set
  • put on dark loose fitting pyjamas – preferably a pair you don’t mind getting a little dirty
  • go to bed and sleep your way to sun-kissed skin

By mimicking her method you will allow yourself hours of uninterrupted rest with little to no movement which will help avoid streaking, and give your skin ample time to absorb, cure, and enhance your colour. All while you sleep!

What’s more is when you get up the next morning, your tan will have fully absorbed into your skin meaning you can wake up to a nice bronzed glow and even a quick shower.

Of course this is just one of the many weird tips for tanning that can be discovered…

Weird Tip: Embrace Your Scent

Another trick I found to be useful and have been using religiously is – avoid applying deodorant or perfume immediately after getting your glow on. The oils used in both products can leech and cause unwanted streaking down your neck, chest or under your arms, and let’s be honest, that’s not exactly the best look for us ladies.

Though these simple tricks may seem a little weird, if you incorporate them into your regular tanning routine, you should find your tan stays streak-free and lasts longer than before. And if not, well you can always undo that hue!

Now, I’m sure these aren’t the only weird tips for tanning floating around out there so if you have some of your own, please share them in the comment section below!

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