The Sunless Tan Commandments

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10 Tanning RulesIt’s getting to be that time of year where the sun goes down earlier, the days appear bleaker and your summer glow is long since gone.

Sadly, I’m used to being a pasty white girl. In fact, I rarely tan; faux or for real. I’m more of a freckler, even if I wear my daily SPF. My typical skin color is one shade darker than that crisp shade of white you see in hospitals. Casper, anyone?

While I do appreciate that subtle glow of health I get from the summer sun, I make a habit of avoiding unprotected overexposure.

V and I have said it time and time again, but let me drive it home one more time; over exposure to the sun or your favourite tanning bed can have drastic effects on your skin. What’s even worse, some seem to be addicted to it.

The Dark Side of Tanning

That coveted golden glow doesn’t come without a price, but more than the potential cancer, there’s even more associated risks than you probably know.

The Latest National Crisis

In the United States alone, there is an estimated 30 million patrons of tanning salons. It’s no wonder dermatologists around the globe are concerned with the future health of today’s society.

A New Substance-Related Disorder

Move over drugs and alcohol. It appears that tanning is the latest vice-of-choice; especially for the teen ladies.

According to a recent study, those who constantly expose themselves to UV light to tan may be experiencing a type of UVL substance-related disorder. Though the effects of this disorder differ from those of drugs and alcohol, the result can be just as damaging in a different way.

The Tan Commandments

Scary stuff, right?

Now that I’ve blown your  mind with the not so glamourous future of your tanning addiction, it’s time to consider a safer option.

Sunless tanning is a great alternative and one that doesn’t lead to cancer, premature wrinkles and fine lines, or hyperpigmentation. The problem is, most people don’t know how to properly apply a sunless tanner or how to maintain it. Lucky for you, I’ve got an e-Book worth of knowledge on sunless tanning remedies and tips.

These 10 Tan Commandments are just a few tips from Getting Baked: Home Remedies for Tanning that will help you enjoy a safe sunless tan all year round.

1. Put in the Prep

Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people leave this step out. Shower, moisturize and take good care of your skin because flaky, dry skin will not respond well to sunless tanners.

2. Exfoliate

Gentle exfoliation before applying sunless tanner will reveal your freshest skin. This works twofold; scrubs away dead skin and extends the length of your tan.

3. Moisturize Your Bod

I can’t tell you enough how important moisturized, supple skin is to the self-tanning process. Give your body a full body rub down; just be sure to let it soak in before you apply the tanner.

4. If the Glove Don’t Fit…

…You ain’t gonna wanna use that sh*t. One of the biggest tell tale signs of a sunless tan is oompa loompa paws. People often forget to protect their hands from self-tanning overexposure. After you finish applying your sunless tanning remedy to your body, remove your gloves and use a cotton ball to apply a small amount to your hands.

5. Brush Your Back

When I was younger I used to over tan my back because it meant I could fall asleep in the sun on my tummy. Then I got older and was all like,  “tan your front because that’s what you see in the mirror.” Oh silly, Sabrina.

Going the sunless route means paying attention to your backside too. Get your hands on a back brush to help you apply your lotion to all the  nooks and crannies of your back.

6. Jelly Your Eyebrows and Hairline

Vaseline jelly may suck the soul out of your lips moisture, but it works great in avoiding streaks and marks around your facial hair areas.

7. Buff Up

A buffing mitt is the perfect tool to help you dab away excess tanning lotion and even it out. It avoids giving you a multi-shade tan too!

8. Choose Loose Dark Clothing, Post-Tan

Speaking from experience, there is nothing worse than pulling on a tight white shirt after a faux-tan sesh. Avoid staining your favourite shirt and go with something loose and dark.

9.  Plan B For Failed Tanning

If it all goes wrong or you end up with a few tell-tale streaks, you are going to want to have a self-tan remover on hand. Simply rub, wipe and try again.

10. Maintenance Mode

Now that you’re glowing and goddess-y, its time to maintain. Add gentle exfoliation, regular moisturizing and the occasional re-application to your beauty routine.

Next time you go to blow your hard earned cash on fake tanning, or wake up wanting to bake in the sun with oil, think again. Give sunless-tanning a try and enjoy the health benefits of all my at home tanning tips.

Looking for more sunless tanning home remedies? Click here to get your hands on our e-Book today!

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