3 Sizzling Summer Beauty Tips

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3 Sizzling Summer Beauty Tips

Awww summer. Isn’t it just the best time of year?

With summer just around the corner and bikini season fast approaching, it’s time to start prepping your skin. You know, those layers of dermis you’ve been hiding under layers of clothing all winter long, hiding from sunshine and depriving of a solid Vitamin D kick *wink wink*

Stepping out from the winter hibernation period can be a bit daunting for some. For example, my naturally milky white skin becomes pastey and I’m always super embarrassed when I reveal just how translucent it’s become on that first beach outing.

Besides Casper-white skin, summer brings along a whole slew of skin issues like oily T-Zones, sunburns and more. To help you prep for the upcoming season, here are 3 of our hottest summer beauty tips!

3 Sizzling Summer Beauty Tips

Ready to beautify for the summer? Give all these tips a try.

1. Exfoliate Your Skin from Head to Toe

Tell me; when was the last time you looked at dry, scaly skin and thought it was sexy? Let me guess…Never!

Well, no kidding! The problem is, winter weather has a tendency of drying it out and there’s nothing worse than having to go into ultra full body TLC mode to get even a semblance of glowing skin again.

Luckily, there is one quick maintenance trick that will keep your skin looking fresh no matter what the season; head to toe exfoliation.

As you know, exfoliation helps slough away dead skin cells, dirt, grime and more from the outermost layer of your skin to produce younger, fresher layers of skin. Doing so regularly reduces the chances of skin irritations, breakouts and unsightly spots. It also conveniently allows your skin to soak up more lotions (ie. sunscreens and body lotions) to help lock in hydration and prevent premature skin damage.

Exfoliating sounds easy, but there is an art to it. In fact, you are meant to exfoliate each of your body parts just a little bit differently – Find out  how here!

2. Reduce Unsightly Cellulite

Bikini bottoms these days hardly cover your butt cheeks, and there is nothing less sexy than a dimply buttocks amiright?! To help you reduce unsightly cellulite you can go the DIY route (which we are big fans of here at TBB….obvs!) or you can try a store bought product like Finulite.

Now, if you’re going to DIY it, we suggest using our bad ass cellulite cream recipe. It is as potent as natural products come and super easy to make.

If you’d rather buy it, then Finulite is the way to go. Containing an AM and PM cream, this product targets all your trouble zones and really works. Don’t believe us, check out both my review and V’s Finulite review!

3. Give Your Skin a Natural Glow

Rather than cringe the first time you hit the beach (like I tend to do!), use a homemade tanning lotion to give your skin a pre-summer glow. Homemade lotions are great because they are way cheaper than store bought alternatives, made from natural ingredients (ones you can actually pronounce!) and don’t leave you looking like an orange Dorito.

Since you will have exfoliated your entire body, your skin will be able to soak in all the goodness leaving you with a beautiful and even summer glow!

So, tell me – which of these summer beauty tips are you going to try first? Leave a comment in the section below!


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