Lip Service: My Review on Rodan + Fields Lip Serum

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lip renewing serum Rodan + Fields

When you think of anti-aging products, you probably think to target your eyes, forehead, neck and laugh lines. I bet there’s one prominent part of your face that you are forgetting; your lips!

Chapped lips call for lip balm. Bare lips beg for lipstick. Bold lips are desperate for a gloss. But what about aging lips?

In time, life and the environment take their toll on your lips. Plump, defined lips age and become thinner, discolored and less defined. So why do we ignore them?

Lip serums, like any other serums are a bit different than creams and lotions.

Serums tend to be a bit runnier, absorb more readily and get deeper down into your skin than other products. They’re meant to treat dehydration, reduce fine lines and soothe away any potential redness or inflammation. Basically, they are a more potent option.

As a fabulous little beauty blogger, I often get the opportunity to try products.

A representative from Rodan+Fields reached out to me to review some of their products. Though currently not available in Canada (this happens in early 2014), she was kind enough to ship me a few products across the border. One of those products was their Redefine Lip Renewing Serum.

Tell Me More

The Redefine Lip Renewing Serum comes in a tub filled with tiny little capsules.

Each capsule is the perfect size to smother all over your lips. Glossy, thick and moisturizing, this serum is packed with peptides and antioxidants.

To get the most of this little capsule, apply it after exfoliating your lips and before bedtime.

What I Love

Obvs, I’m digging the capsules. Every time I crack open one of those little pop tops I squeal with excitement. It’s just so much more fun than a tube of lip chap or stick of lip gloss.

I’m not too old so I don’t think my lips have aged much, but I did notice a plumpness that wasn’t there before. They look firmer and more pash-worthy than ever before.

I have incredibly sensitive lips. If I use a different lip chap or the wrong lipstick, my lips dry out, burn and look awful. You can only imagine how hesitant I was to try this product then.

Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. Each morning I wake up with lush, hydrated lips and they even have a little gloss left from a long night’s rest. Perfect for a slumber party with the BF, husband, or that hot piece of a** you’ve been flirting with!

What I Loathe

Loathe is a harsh word, but I’m not digging the price point on this product.

After a quick scan of the Rodan+Fields website, it’s evident that none of their products are moderately priced. Most sit around the $60-70 range.

This particular lip serum cashes out at $53 for a tub with 60 capsules. That means every time you crack a capsule you are spending approximately 88¢. Yikes!

While not exactly budget friendly this lip serum did make my mouth happy so if you don’t mind coughing up the money, you should notice a more plumped up and pash-worthy pout. And really, isn’t that we beauties are after?

If you want to get your hands on a set, get in touch with my girl Melissa and she’ll hook a sistah up!

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