Plump Your Rump with Revitol Butt Enhancement Cream

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My Revitol butt enhancement cream review

Booty, booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere. I found you Ms. New Booty…thanks to butt enhancement cream!

Oh yes, you read that right. Bitty booty girls pay close attention because this new product could have you looking like a fat bottomed girl who makes the rocking world go round in as little as 3-6 months.

I should probably forewarn you, there will be a lot of lyrical genius up in hurrrr because there are an extraordinary number of songs written about asses, booties, bottoms and behinds!

Getting back to the topic at hand, a few weeks ago when we wrapped up our natural breast enhancement guide a reader got in contact with us. She didn’t have a problem with her breast size, rather wanted to know if the same home remedies for bigger boobs would work on her butt.

It got me thinking and after a little research, it turns out there is quite the market for butt enhancements!

Though there has been an increase in popularity of butt augmentation surgeries, more and more women are seeking natural alternatives. Natural enhancement creams and booty boosting exercises are all the rage. One such product is Revitol Butt Enhancement Cream.

But I’m sure you are curious and wanna ass(k) (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)…

What the Heck is Revitol Butt Enhancement Cream?

Revitol Butt Enhancement Cream is a natural cream containing green tea, caffeine, retinol A, shea butter, algae, bladderwrack, horsetail extract and capsicum. The all natural formula means no more butt pads, painful injections, fillers or surgery.

Using this product is simple. Like any other cream, slather it on and massage it into your butt skin. Using circular motions, you will help stimulate the area to combat your flat ass as well as cellulite dimples, sagging skin and stretch marks.

How Does it Work?

This topical cream is designed with a formula meant to be easily absorbed into your skin. While some of the ingredients target outer skin issues like cellulite and stretch marks, the other natural ingredients start to work from the inside-out.

Horsetail extract is rich with silicon, a substance commonly used in injections for surgical enhancements. Including this ingredient takes away the needle, but still allows you to reap the rewards.

Shea butter also helps by moisturizing your butt to give it a firmer and  more supple appearance.

In conjunction with your cream application, Revitol suggests doing a few butt sculpting exercises. In fact, when you order this product they send you their very own exercise program.

The Reviews Are In

Not sure if you wanna get that bootylicious? Here’s what a few happy customers had to say:

Katie M., 23 says:

“For years, I’ve been unhappy with my flat butt. No matter what I wore, it just didn’t look like I wanted. Now, after using Revitol, it’s looking better than it ever has!”

Jasmine, 28 dishes:

“I’ve been unhappy with my saggy butt for the last few years, and it just keeps getting worse. Now, since I’ve started using Revitol, my butt makes me look like I’m 25 again. Thanks!”

If you like big butts and can not lie, give it a try and see if baby got back in a few months! Okay, I’ll stop now…but only because my review is done. *wink*

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