RevitaSHAPE Review: A Little Too Temporary For Our Liking

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RevitaSHAPE cellulite creamWe’re still on the topic of cellulite treatment girls and today we’re going to talk about one particular cream that people are clearly buying, especially now that it’s Summer, the time of year that we all want to be at our most sexiest!

We’re talking about RevitaSHAPE Cellulite Cream. You may of heard of it, so we’re going to break it down to give you ladies the clearest picture possible and hopefully allow you to make up your own mind before deciding to give it a try.

Let’s get started with this our official, RevitaSHAPE review.

Short Breakdown

You don’t have to spend too much time searching to see that this product is very similar to the majority of creams on the market today, in that its main focus is to quickly eradicate the appearance of cellulite using a specific set of fast acting metabolics(things that can speed up the fat burning process)

Very quickly, just keep in mind that there are two types of cellulite creams:

  1. Those that give temporary relief.
  2. Those that offer long term benefits.

Although they do claim to focus more on the reduction of toxins, which in most experts opinion is the main cause of cellulite, taking a quick look over the ingredients, it seems as though this isn’t quite the case.

The main ingredient used in RevitaSHAPE is caffeine and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the effects of caffeine usually only last a couple of hours at most.

When applied through the skin, caffeine has an anti-inflammatory-like effect. This can help to reduce the size of the subcutaneous fat cells found just below the skin that cause the appearance of cellulite…but only temporarily!

It does this basically through the process of dehydration but once the effects wear off, your skin will return back to its previous state.

It’s also clear to see the main focus of this cream is to target the fat cells themselves, potentially helping to reduce them slightly over time. Of course, this can also be achieved and with much better results through diet and exercise, therefore its long term capabilities are overshadowed by its ability to offer a short term reduction in the visibility of cellulite.

Why It’s HOT!

Really there’s only one thing we like about this product and that’s it’s ability to work fast on reducing the appearance of cellulite. From what we’re seeing, it looks like this cream is fairly effective at doing this one thing and from the majority of RevitaSHAPE reviews from girls who have tried it, generally say that it did help to tighten their skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Out of all the temporary creams, this has got to be one of the best in our opinion. The problem is, it also has it’s downfalls…

Why It’s NOT!

The truth is, we kinda like this product but in saying that, it’s not our most favorite and for a couple of reasons:

  1. It does very little in regards to long term results.
  2. The formula focuses too much on dehydrating your skin, potentially causing further skin damage.
  3. At $79.99, it’s kinda expensive!

We’re not going to tell you that this product doesn’t reduce the appearance of cellulite, because it does. The problem is, the effects are only temporary, which is something we really don’t like at all. We just wish they spent a little more time coming up with a formula to focus more on reducing toxin levels, while at the same time maintaining the health of your skin.

RevitaSHAPE certainly does not do this.

Beauty Beatdown!

Ladies, we’re afraid that what we have here is yet another SHORT TERM solution to cellulite and not a cream that offers long term benefits at all.

What’s funny is that we literally had to rate this as our second best cellulite cream, due to the fact that we believe there is only one cream that offers long term as well as short term results – Finulite.

As far as a short term solution goes, RevitaSHAPE definitely does offer some relief but in our minds, that’s not worth $80!

Beauty Score: 90%

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  • Never try this company. I called to cancel within their time limit, was told I would not be charged, and they still charged my credit card. AND their product does not work!!!

  • Thanks for letting us know Regina. We’ve actually never suggested that anyone order Revitashape as it hasn’t proven itself to be an effective celulite cream. If, however, you are still looking for a celulite cream, we recommend you take a look at Finulite –> http://topbeautybrands.com/finulite/

    Thanks for your feedback :-)

  • don’t use this company there free trial ISN’T free. i called to cancel which they did but not after they charged me for the “sample” and the next shipment!!!. The product didn’t work at all!!!!

  • Hey Isabel, always great to hear from a customer, especially when the product DIDN’T work for them!

    I have to say though I’m surprised you didn’t get any results at all, because lot’s of girls have mentioned it added at least some size.

    How long did you use it for because I want to get to the bottom of this?

    Even though we don’t recommend this breast enhancer, if a product doesn’t do what they say it does, we want to call them out on it, so thanks for writing in. :-)

  • I use one from Avon. It’s the only one they sell, I’m actually out of it so I don’t have the btolte to tell you what it’s called. You don’t have to use it habitually although you do want to use it at least a few times a week. I use it about 2 to 3 times a week and have definitely noticed a world of a difference. Since it’s from Avon its quite inexpensive. not sure about eating habits. i have serious eating issues, ’cause that’s all i ever want to do, hehe but the cream definitely works

  • hahaha that makes two of us…I loooooove to eat! Thanks for the tips Hana, much appreciated :-)


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