How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair with Ease

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How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair with Ease

Within many cultures, body hair is widely accepted. It is even encouraged…ahem, France *cough cough*

In fact, there are even countries were body hair is seen as beautiful, and even viewed as sexy and sensual.

But here in the western part of the world…not so much.

How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair


As I said, here in the western world, the norm is to remove all of the unwanted body hair (which is most of the body…except for the head!).  Society and the media has trained our minds to view body hair on women as, well, gross.

But, everyone has their own opinion on this, and really, it comes down to personal preference.  It all depends on how you view body hair, where you are from, and your experience with friends and family with body hair.

If you would like to remove it, you can fight it till the end.  It is still going to grow back unless you opt for a more “medical” type of procedure to permanently remove it.  This could be costly.  However, there are some ways to remove body hair that are more longer lasting and quite effective.

Those Eyebrows

Unkempt eyebrows can be an annoyance to many, and being how they are really the first thing to be seen by others, it is important to keep them looking perfect.

Many women do what it takes to have shapely eyebrows, such as tweezing at home, using waxy eyebrow “shapers”, and even, yes…even using a razor.  Ugh.

These could lead to a disaster if you are not careful.  Since the eyebrows are so very noticed, it is worth the time and money to get them shaped professionally.  Many general hair salons offer this service for a minimal cost and you can get them done when you are getting your hair done.

One way that is a little more costly (but not too much) is threading.  It can cost anywhere from $7.00 to $20.00. Many spas and some salons offer threading services, and it gets those eyebrows perfectly contoured to your face shape.  It also lasts a long time as compared to waxing, sugaring, and tweezing.

The professional uses tiny, yet strong, threads to pull out the unwanted eyebrow hair from the root.  It is actually less painful than waxing and even safer; waxing can burn or even pull off the very top layer of the skin.  Ouch!

Under the Arms

For under the arms, hair removal can come in many forms.  Many women simply opt for using a razor and shave the underarms when shaving their legs.  Obvs, this is the easiest way.

However, in the summertime or in warmer weather when the upper arms (and underarms) are exposed more, many women opt for sugaring.  This is because it is less painful than waxing and even safer (no burning, no skin coming off!).

This Arabic method from ancient times of removing the hair can be done anywhere on the body.  The paste is a sticky substance, but more natural than wax or hair removal creams.  It is made of sugar, lemon, and pure water and is placed in the same direction as the hair growth.  Since your hair is not being tugged against the growth, it is less painful.  It is also more gentle with the chemical-free ingredients.

Bikini Area

Just the thought of hair removal in this area can send many women into orbit with painful images in their minds. This is because, if you are not used to getting hair removed from this area, it can hurt!  It is also necessary if you are going to be going to the beach anytime soon, or to just feel better…and look better…down there.

For the bikini area, honestly, with anything you do to make it bare, you are taking a risk.  If you have ever had bumps or ingrown hairs from shaving your bikini area, you can relate.  Also, if you have been waxed down there, you could have had quite the painful experience.

Chemical creams are not good at all, because of the chemicals.  You don’t want a chemical burn on the most delicate skin on your body!

A recommendation for the bikini area is sugaring for the all-natural and much less infection risks.  There are professionals that you can go to in order to get this procedure done properly.  It is more expensive, depending on the spa or skin professional, and this is because it does take longer to do than waxing.

Some women that have the means to spend do opt for electrolysis or laser hair removal.  Yes, they are costly but if you want to go bare down there full time, then this may be an option for you.


Shaving the legs is very popular.  It can be done at home and can be done every other night to maintain the soft, almost hairless, skin.  Shaving is only temporary, and must be done on a regular basis for you to always have soft, smooth legs.

Waxing the legs is another popular option.  Your legs have a bit of tougher skin then the bikini, underarm, or eyebrow area (at least it’s not as tender to the touch!) and waxing does keep the hair away longer.  Waxes are, though, made of chemicals and can burn, especially on the inside of the thighs where the skin is more tender.

For the legs, it really depends on how often you don’t want a procedure done.  Sugaring is a chemical-free option, and if done regularly at first, it can last a few weeks.  It can cost about as much as waxing (maybe more) and depending on your spa or salon this could be anywhere from $40. to $120.  That is a large range; there are so many salons and spas in many different areas that the price for this can fluctuate – just like the cost of getting a professional hair color!

There is great news, though!  Sugaring is all-natural and there are many DIY sugaring recipes (click here to see a few!).  This may be worth a try at home.  With no chemicals, no burning, no real risks (not sure if you would want to delve into the bikini area on your own…unless you are experienced) it may be worth a try.

Or, you can get completely bare…forever…with laser or electrolysis.  This can happen on any part of your body, but the choice is yours, of course!  Hey, at least we have a lot of options for hair removal at a very wide range of prices and effectiveness.

Here’s to womanhood!


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