The Hidden Secrets of Red Wine and Beauty

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The Hidden Secrets of Red Wine and Beauty

*Guest post by Alicia*

For those of you who are wine lovers, this is some exciting news. Although there is some criticism buzzing around this topic, drinking wine in moderation has many beauty and health benefits.

Below we’re going to explore all of the advantages of red wine so you can get out there and stock up!

Benefits of Wine Drinking

Weight Loss

This is music to the ears, am I right? Research has explored this theory and has concluded there is truth to it.

Dark-colored Muscadine grapes, which are typically used in most red wines contains a chemical called ellagic acid. Through continuous research it has been found that this chemical has slowed the growth of existing fat cells, while at the same time, helping to stop the formation of new ones so the body has a better opportunity at burning fat better.

Red Wine for Skin Glow

Since red wine is full of antioxidants, it may come as no surprise that there are many ways your skin can benefit from wine. From fighting signs of aging, to helping clear up your acne, you won’t even question whether or not you should have a glass after a long day.

Not only can you drink it, but you can use it as a topical “solution” and let it work its magic. Red wine prevents cell oxidation. What this means is that by applying it directly on the skin for a few minutes it helps transform dull skin and restore its beautiful glow.

Red Wine and Cholesterol

Would you believe me if I told you that a glass of red wine a day was good for your heart and helps keep your cholesterol down? In moderation of course, a glass a day may help increase levels of HDL, which is referred to as the “good cholesterol”.

In regards to moderation, the healthy consumption amount for women in 5 ounces per day or about a glass, and two glasses for men.

Other Beauty Benefits

It may seem a little farfetched, but ditching your over the counter and prescription medications for clearing up your skin may be a great idea. Instead, pull off your favorite red wine from your wine rack. An antioxidant called resveratrol, boosts anti-bacterial properties of benzoyl peroxide.

If you have purchased or have been prescribed any acne medication, benzoyl peroxide is typically one of the main ingredients in the medication.

Another benefit of red wine for skin would be that you’re able to use it as a toner. How you may ask? It helps reduce the production of oil on the skin, and of course, brings back your healthy glow. As well as anti-aging properties, such as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles is one of many other benefits of red wine for skin.

Red wine for skin whitening can also be another benefiting factor if you choose to go that route. If you do your research, there are a quite a few products, usually in the form of a cream that claim to whiten your skin.

It’s clear that your favourite bottle of Pinot Noir or Shiraz may do more for you than help you cope with a bad day. There are many studies that have been conducted to prove the above findings. With added health benefits and possibly some additions to your beauty routine, red wine is becoming more and more versatile.

Don’t forget to get in your glass of wine everyday, and now, don’t forget to apply it to your face and reap the benefits.

About the Author: Alicia is a freelance writer based in Australia. She works for iGiftWine, an online service providing personalised package wine gifts. Aside from her work life, she’d like to consider herself as an exercise enthusiast, and health advocator. She loves doing research about health and reading health-related articles.

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