Pure Raspberry Ketone Review, Natural Green Coffee, PLUS How To Save 60%!

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Pure Raspberry KetoneGuuuuuurls, this week we be talking about all things weight loss! We’re huge advocates of the fact that if you feel good, then you look good. But for all those girls looking to lose a few extra pounds, this week you’re gonna love what we got in store.

Today we’re going to chat about what they’re calling the “miracle fat burner”, Raspberry Ketones. It’s actually been mentioned on some popular shows due to the fact that scientists have been able to find this one amazing little compound called adiponectin(hormone that tricks your body into believing it’s thin).

Since discovered, people have literally been going stir crazy trying to get a hold of it and as a result the price has gone through the roof. We thought we’d offer our own Pure Raspberry Ketones review, PLUS show you guys a way to seriously maximize it’s effects, as well as giving you a link to a place where you can get it for 60% off.

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Good question to start with. It’s basically the compound that gives raspberries their aroma and surprisingly isn’t a newly found product either. It’s been used as a flavor component and in perfumes for a long time. It’s only now after several scientific experiments, are we starting to realize its potential as a weight loss supplement.

Which leads us onto the next question…

How Does It Help For Weight Loss?

Only pure raspberry ketones have the potential to increase your bodies ability to burn fat cells. It does this by helping to regulate the amount of adiponectin, which is a key component that helps to regulate your metabolism.

This compound works in a way that helps cut up fatty tissue, allowing it to break down more easily before being removed from your body through its regular fat burning process – through the liver.

An interesting figure pointed out often, is that you would need to consume about 90 pounds of raspberries to get the same effect from taking just one dose of pure raspberry ketones.

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What Are The Results So Far?

Like most weight loss supplements, so far there have been mixed reviews. It’s almost impossible to gauge how effective a diet pill is based purely off the reviews of the general public.

What is clear is that raspberry ketones aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of what’s required to lose weight and keep it off, however the majority of feedback from those using it are certainly positive, especially in comparison to most other fat burning products.

The problem most people are finding however at this stage, is that alone, our livers don’t have the potential to effectively remove the higher amount of fat cells broken down by the increased reserves of adiponectin.

Fortunately we have a way of helping your body deal with the sudden onset of fatty tissue reaching liver…

How To Burn Even More Fat

Although this supplement does have the potential to break up individual fat cells, if your body isn’t able to remove it via the liver, it’s just going to stay put.

Natural green coffee extractSo one extremely effective way of boosting your liver’s ability to remove fat, is to supplement raspberry ketones with natural green coffee extract. Green coffee beans contain this stuff called chlorogenic acid, with studies on the NIH’s website clearly indicating this compound offers 2 major benefits:

  1. The ability of the liver to better tolerate glucose levels.
  2. The ability to better remove fat cells in the liver.

By combining the use of green coffee extract with raspberry ketones, you should see a dramatic improvement in both the time taken to see results and the overall long term reduction of body fat.

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Why It’s HOT!

Apart from the fact that if something gets mentioned on TV people literally go stir crazy, there are some more legitimate reasons as to why pure raspberry ketones are seriously hot right now in the world of weight loss.

For starters, it’s one of the only all natural approaches to specifically targeting the break down and removal of body fat. Most other approaches known to have a direct effect of fatty tissue are the more traditional products that incorporate in the extreme use of caffeine in an attempt to synthetically boost your metabolism.

The main problem with this is that your body isn’t meant to function with a large amount of caffeine present and therefore the results are likely to only be temporary. Once it figures out how to remove the caffeine more efficiently, you will see a plateau in overall fat reduction.

Raspberry ketones work WITH the body to increase the amount of a naturally found compound adiponectin, which plays a vital role in breaking down fatty tissue before allowing you body to remove it through the liver.

By supplementing it with natural green coffee extract, you can increase your liver’s ability to remove the fatty tissue broken down by adiponectin.

Right now, the results of this new form of weight loss are showing a high success rate, with the majority of customers making the switch from synthetic supplements to this one.

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Why It’s NOT!

Although it certainly is one of the better approaches at burning fat the easy way, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of losing weight. Healthy eating and exercise are still required to show dramatic signs of fat reduction when in combination with a supplement like this.

If you’re unwilling to exercise at least 3 times a week, you’ll be less likely to see dramatic results. What we normally see as far as benefits go with starting to use any diet supplement, is that it gives you the kick up the butt you need to start changing your diet and lifestyle.

So if you are going to give raspberry ketones a try, why not join a gym at the same time and really make a good go of it?

You never know, you just might like it. :-)

Beauty Score & Our Secret Way To Save 60%

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Okay now for our score.

This is strictly speaking in comparison to every other fat burning supplement on the market today. Raspberry ketones are in our opinion the current best approach to achieving fat loss through supplemental use.

When combined with green coffee extract, you should be able to see a dramatic decrease in the time taken to see results and the overall long term reduction in body fat.

It’s not the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to losing weight, but it certainly is the best of the easy approaches to doing so.

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Overall Score: 97%

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