Polish Your Skills & Shrink Some Bills With Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit

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Sally Hansen salon pro gel starter kitI am a perpetual manicure destroyer. It doesn’t matter how long I let my nail polish set or how careful I am, I always walk away with a dent, scratch or scuff. I was complaining about this to a girlfriend one day, when you mentioned shellac or gel nails were probably a better option for me. She assured me this was my best bet at maintaining the perfect manicured look for longer than 45 minutes.

Taking my friends advice, I asked or gel nails next time I went into the salon. Low and behold, she was right. They were far more durable, the color lasted longer and boy did I love that glossy shine!

There were two things I didn’t love about salon gel nails; the first was the price and the second was that I had to go into the salon every time I wanted to swap up my shade. Or so I thought…

The Salon Look At Home? Yea Right!

After becoming a slave the look and durability of gel names, I took it upon myself to find an at-home kit that would (hopefully) produce the same results. This is how I came across the Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit.

Priced around the $80 mark, this starter kit includes all the essentials for achieving and removing your very own gel nails. Included are:

  • 1 LED lamp
  • 1 Gel base color
  • 1 Gel nail color
  • 1 Gel top coat
  • 10 Nail cleanser pads
  • Acetone remover
  • Cuticle stick
  • Nail file and buffer
  • Instruction sheet

Gotta say, that is a pretty comprehensive kit as it covers all the bases.

Hard Pass or Easy Sell

Alright gals, here’s my insight on the Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit. First off, start by reading the instructions. When I say read them, I don’t mean browse through and just wing it from there. To get the best results you literally have to read (in detail) the directions and follow them to a T.

For those of you that winged this process, I bet you ended up ruining your first set and having to start over from scratch, am I right? Of course I’m right. I’m always right.

Carrying on.

The key to success is to apply THIN coats of the base and color. Thick coats will only lead to bubbling and the eventual removal of your manicure.

Just like the product boasts, set time is next to non-existent but I do have one quick tip for you. When placing your hand underneath the LED light, be sure to really spread out your fingers so the light reaches all of your fingertips. This ensures maximum setting with minimal time.

Worried about chips and dints? Personally, this is always my number one concern with a manicure because I’m such a terrorist on my hands. You should without a doubt make it through your first week without a single chip or dent or smudge. I found that mid-way through week two natural nail growth and a chip or two started to wear on my glossy tips. When I put into consideration how often I do dishes by hand (A LOT…just ask Vanessa, this is one of my favorite things to do!), pick at stuff with my hands or just general wear and tear, the nail polish really held up.

I think it’s really great that Miss Hansen provided the acetone nail remover because sometimes it’s hard to find. The process is simple, but a little time consuming and I found that my natural nail looked a little dry and brittle afterwards. Keeping up the gel look has definitely not been good for my nails. To combat this I make sure to moisturize my nail tips for a few days before re-applying more gel polish.

I think having perfectly manicured nails make you look sophisticated and put together. Having scratched nails doesn’t really give off that appearance. That being said, I think this product is pretty bad ass. If you can look at the price tag as more of an investment than a one-time expensive purchase I think you’ll enjoy this starter kit as much as I did.

If you currently have shellac or gel nails on and aren’t interested in hitting the salon to remove or re-do them, stay tuned for my upcoming post on DIY removal!

Need A Nice Price?

Screw spending a fortune at the stores. I came across this exact kit at the mall last weekend and the fools were selling it for $100! I Amazoned my phone and showed the girl behind the counter that I could get the same thing for $81.99 online.

Well needless to say, she kinda sneered at me saying “I doubt it’s the same thing”. Just to spite that little biatch I bought it from Amazon then and there and I suggest you do the same.

Sally Hansen salon pro gel starter kit


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