Winter 2015 Makeup Trends



Winter 2015 Makeup Trends

Winter is fast approaching, and to get your face looking its best for holiday gatherings (and lots of snapshots!) these makeup trends should be on your list.

Even I go all out in the winter season because I love the holidays and I love the social time even more! Whether I am with family or with friends, I enjoy having people notice my manicure or my eyes. Don’t we all?

Be the talk of the social gathering, and for good reason with these latest cosmetic looks. From nail shades to lip colors, here are some of the hottest Winter 2015 makeup trends just. for. you! [Keep Reading]

5 Simple and Natural Tips to Make Your Smile Bright

*Guest Post by Tully*

Your smile is one of the most important parts of you. It gives you self-confidence, affects your overall health, and influences how other people perceive you.

The problem is that smiles are also easy to tarnish while being difficult to fix.

Let’s explore some ways a beautiful smile can help you with building confidence before examining some natural tips to make your smile bright and radiant. [Keep Reading]

Clarisonic Review

Do you ever notice how much easier it is to apply cosmetics when your face is properly clean and moisturized?

Women of all ages came to this realization in 2004, as this was the year daily cleaning routines “faced” a remarkable change (pun totally intended).

So, if you’re wonder whether or not to splurge on yourself, read on my friend. This Clarisonic review can help you decide. [Keep Reading]

5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Mineral Makeup

*Guest Post by Sarah*

Mineral makeup is one of the latest trends in the makeup industry. Everyone is jumping for it, eager for the natural-sounding version of the makeup that they’ve worn every day.

The benefits of mineral makeup are extensive, making it well worth the investment to find a new favourite brand.

Here are just 5 of our favourite benefits of mineral makeup: [Keep Reading]

Winter Haircare - Fighting the Frizzies

As seasons change, so does the way your skin and hair react. I’ve found that warmer climates suit my body better. My hair looks lush, my skin soft and supple.

In the cold, harsh winter weather…well…that’s a completely different story. My hair gets brittle and frizzy, and my skin puckers up with dehydration. It’s not pleasant.

And while I could go on and on about dry skin, we’re talking winter haircare today. [Keep Reading]

How to Use Oils in your Facial Skincare Routine

*Guest Post by Lauren*

There’s been a lot of buzz around face oils lately, with claims that they can do everything from cure acne to remove of wrinkles. Some of these claims are a little overstated, but some are true.

While they might not be a miracle cure-all, oils can make a formidable addition to your skincare routine, regardless of your skin type.

They can strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier, give your epidermis an antioxidant boost, and yes, some of them can even prevent wrinkles.

So, if you want smooth, soft, glowing skin (and who doesn’t?), then follow these tips on how to use oils in your facial skincare routine. [Keep Reading]

Celluvin Intensive Cellulite Cream - Will It Really Work

I’m such a sucker for new trying new products, especially vanity products like cellulite cream.

Have you ever noticed that the websites for these products always make big bold claims like “results guaranteed” and “the look you crave”?

This is brilliant from a marketing perspective because it really taps into our insecurities and pain points. It agitates our self-consciousness enough to make us hit the Buy Now button and shell out a few bucks.

But how often are these products worth the time and money we invest?

Obviously when I came across the new cellulite product, Celluvin by Senvie, I just had to check it out. [Keep Reading]

Tips to Get Rid Of Dry and Itchy Lips

*Guest Post by Katleen*

Remember the day you failed to brush your leather shoes with some nice polish for a few days? What happened to them? Chances are you found the all cracked up and was even painful to wear. Same is the case with your life.

Lips are one part of the body that always mesmerizes. The thing is unlike the skin covering most of the rest of the body, lips do not have melanin to protect them from sun’s rays, which cause tanning. They also have no oil glands to rejuvenate them in harsh conditions. As such, I would say it is one vulnerable area when neglected.

If you don’t pay the much-needed attention to them they become dry, chapped and in worst case – itchy. You don’t want that now do you? [Keep Reading]

The Ultimate Cellulite Cream Comparison

Have you ever walked into a massive department store and been completely overwhelmed? With so many options of the same product, how are you actually supposed to choose just one?

Well, the same goes for cellulite cream. There are literally hundreds of different anti cellulite treatments on the market and discovering one that actually works can be tough.

Good news though. We’ve done some serious market research for you and have compiled a list of our top 5 fave products and packaged them up into this cellulite cream comparison. Just. For. YOU! [Keep Reading]

Why Coconut Oil Should Be Your New Beauty Staple

*Guest Post by Dr. George*

Are you looking for an all-around natural beauty product that you could add to your beauty staple?

You need not spend thousands on every beauty product on the market. You can look beautiful with just a bottle of coconut oil that costs $10 or less. Yes, this wonder oil has practically got it ‘oil’ for you!

Coconut oil is more than just for healthy cooking. It also does beauty wonders that can make you look and feel your best from head to toe. In fact, it is used in a variety of cosmetics and beauty products.

Here are the different uses of coconut oil that makes it worthy of a place as your new beauty staple… [Keep Reading]

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