Octomom Spends $520 Not On Diaper’s But On Her Hair!

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Octomom HairOctomom(Nadya Suleman) is back in the limelight with news that TMZ paid her $520 to get her hair done of all things! Yes that’s right, instead of using that “hard earned” money to put food on the table or diaper’s on her 14 kids, she felt it more necessary to get a new hair style from Brazilian Blowout.

She’s not a complete devil though, explaining on Good Morning America that it was not in fact one major cut costing her the total of $520, but instead 15 mini appointments all costing a little over $30 each.

What’s maddening is that such a justification could somehow have made sense to her, in that she needed to have 15 separate hair appointments as opposed to the usual ZERO that most people on welfare generally stick too.

It’s not all bad news however, as almost immediately after the release of this news on the tabloids, the company who did Octomom’s blowout, offered to foot the $520 bill for Miss Suleman saying that, “We want to make sure that California taxpayers’ money is not going to anything other than taking care of (Nadya Suleman’s) children,”

You can kinda understand how giving Octomom her $520 back, doesn’t given us much assurance in regards to how she is likely to spend that money. Most of us would find it hard trust the future judgement of a lady who is clearly hopeless at using her second chances to better the life of herself and her children!

Well done TMZ and well done Brazilian Blowout!

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