2014’s Hottest New Years Makeup Trends

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2014s hottest new years makeup trendsThere’s just something about New Years that makes you want to pull out all the stops, look as fabulous as possible and really wow your date.

I mean, raise your hand if you spent hours prepping, buffing and beautifying yourself? There’s waxing, shaving, exfoliating, facials, hair appointments, outfit shopping and so much more. Sure it can be overwhelming and time consuming, but it’s worth it, right!

As I’ve mentioned before, I wasn’t one for makeup growing up. I felt it was a hassle and expensive, but as the years passed I came to understand the importance and elegance of a little makeup here and there.

A big fan of the barely there look, I do make an exception for New Years, and so should you.

Here are 3 of 2014’s hottest New Years makeup trends that you are going to want to take advantage of on the big night.

1. Shiny Red Lips

Such a classic look, but there’s a reason we always go back to the old faithfuls – they just work! This season you need to be slapping on a hot cherry red color that makes your pout pop.

Don’t be afraid to try this bold look, as it looks good on nearly everyone if you find the right shade. The only thing you need to be wary of is that red hues often bring out the inflammation in your face, so if you have some blemishes or burst capillaries, make sure you cover them up with some green-hued, matte-ifying foundation like Pur Minerals Foundation.

2. Dark Neutrals and Long Lashes

Make your eyes pop before the NYC ball drops by adding a hint of metallic to your neutral shades. Metallic browns and neutrals take your already gorgeous skin and give it a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

Rim your eyes with a darker eye  pencil (or liquid eyeliner if you’re skilled!) and then use golden brown eye shadow to create a subtle smokey eye effect. Top it off with some fake eye lashes or some supremely coiffed natural lashes with a few layers of mascara and you are practically perfect.

3. Luminescent Peachy Cheeks

If you’re sporting red lips I would recommend this next New Years makeup trend, which is soft and romantic peachy cheeks.

Adding a touch of colour to your cheeks is a nice way to make you look young and fresh-faced, and peach is the perfect hue to do so.

Now, a lot of people muck up the application of blush, so let’s talk shop quickly. To make the most of your blush and avoid looking like a cake face, all you have to do is rub a little blush with your finger along your cheek bones. By using your fingers,  you will avoid over-application and looking overdone.

Bonus: For the Barely-There Girl in You

If you’re anything like me and the idea of hot red lips and dramatic smokey eyes are not for you, then why not opt for the perfect balance between frost and sparkle.

My New Years look is going to be all about the flawless skin, sparkling eyes and perfect brows.

To make this look yours, start by applying a matte foundation on your skin to hide any imperfections and avoid any shiny forehead situations. Trust me; there’s nothing worse than a glossy forehead in your New Years pictures!

Next, get your hands on an icy white cream eye shade (like this one!). Blend it along your eye lids and then top it off with a generous layering of black mascara.

For your brows, sharpen and slightly extend your natural brow line with an eyebrow pencil and matching shade. You don’t want your brows to look over the top, so don’t apply the eyebrow liner too dark.

Finally, apply a quick sweep of dusty rose blush to along your cheekbones to give a little colour to your face. It gives a little life, without making it about the cheeks.

And there you have it, a few options to make your New Years makeup as hot and sassy as it should be on your big night!

How will you be doing your makeup? Share your favourite makeup tool, tip or product in the comment section below!





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