Nails In Motion Review: Awesome Or Annoying??

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Nails In Motion

Looks like a great idea, but how useful is this product really?

It seems like not a day goes by where we don’t hear of some new beauty product that will ‘change your life’ coming out onto the market. Half the time the products are useless and are simply a money waster.

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about a product called Nails in Motion, so we put our team on the job to do a little investigating and see if this product is worth your hard earned money. Here’s our official Nails In Motion review…

What The Heck are Nails in Motion?

We decided to do something a little different to most Nails In Motion reviews we’ve come across and ACTUALLY use the product to see what it was like!

When we began our research, one thing stood out. Nails in Motion is one of those products that actually seems to be quite useful for women.

Essentially it’s a set of 10 plastic tips that clip onto your finger tips before getting a manicure. They act as a barrier between your freshly painted nails and everything you touch while your nails are still drying.

While they may look a little bulky and take some getting used to, our female researchers found them to be quite useful in helping to protect their nails after having them painted, lowering the risk of chipping or smudging the manicure you just paid good money to get.

How Nails in Motion Works

Simply put, these protectors are designed to allow salon customers to get up and go immediately after getting their manicures done.

No longer will women have to deal with quick nick fixes after just getting their nails done or having to waste time sitting at the salon waiting for their nails polish to dry.

Simply put, Nails in Motion nail protectors allow customers to pay the technician, put on their coat, find their keys, and get on with their day – something our female researchers found to be the most advantageous aspect of this product.

Just clip them onto your fingertips before your manicure and turn them around so your nail beds are exposed and you can have your polish applied. Once your nails are done just turn them around and the patented design will protect your nails from any annoying bumps and chips. Leaving your nails looking flawless.

Nails in Motion

What Nails in Motion Won’t Help You Do

While our research showed that this product is useful in protecting your post-manicure nails, we found the tips to get a little annoying after about 30 minutes or so.

While every day tasks are quite easy to do with them on, there are certain things, like dishes or laundry, that are a little more difficult to do while wearing them.

However, our team found that 30 minutes should be more than enough time to let your nails set and dry so you can remove the tips even before those 30 minutes.

Essentially, we found these tips to be most useful in helping to keep your nails perfect after leaving the salon. Once you are home and they are dry, you can remove them and have beautiful salon-perfect nails.

Our Verdict

While the Nails in Motion tips can get a little bulky and restrict you from performing certain every day tasks, we have found them to be quite useful in maintaining that beautiful salon look on your nails that so many women pay top dollar for.

Another benefit of ordering Nails in Motion, especially when you order it from the main site is you also receive a free pair of pedicure perfect sandals for free, as well as a handy carry bag for everything, all for under $25.

While we poked around the web for a better deal, we couldn’t find one. So many of the sites we checked out offered a better price by a few dollars but didn’t offer the perfect pedicure sandals or the handy carry bag that Nails in Motion offers.

In the opinion of our female researchers, the pedicure sandals and the carry bag is worth the couple extra dollars you spend as opposed to buying Nails in Motion from an outside site like Amazon or Ebay.

CLICK HERE To Read More From The Official Nails In Motion Site

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  • I wish I could find out first-hand whether or not these things are worth the buy. I ordered and paid over a month ago and after several emails and voice messages, I still have heard nothing from the company nor have I seen my package. Tired of waiting and especially tired of TERRIBLE customer service.

  • Oh no, seriously?? So they just won’t get back to you? Have they answered you at all or have they just said it’s on its way?

    I’m so sorry they are treating you so poorly :(

  • I ordered a month ago…STILL have not received my product. Called the (800) 562-6769 customer service number and received a message stating that this number is not in service. They took my money and I have no product to show for it. I just sent them an email. Waiting for a response. Not good business to treat your customers this way.

  • Yikes, that’s definitely not good news. Have you tried seeking them out on Facebook or Twitter?


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