Bolder is Better – Nail Trends for Spring 2015

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Bolder is Better - Nail Trends for Spring 2015

When I was a young girl I loved my nails. They were long, strong and beautiful. They could withstand the harshest of environments – ie. aggressive games of basketball and volleyball.

I would spend hours grooming them. Shopping for the perfect shades and right combination of sparkle to base ratio. Filing them to perfection and then meticulously applying the polish. Heaven forbid one chipped or broke.

Thinking back, it’s overwhelming how much time I spent on my nails.

But I digress. Fast forward a solid decade, a full time job and all those other adult responsibilities and I barely have time to think about my nails. That was until I happened upon some of the hottest nail trends for spring 2015.

While I may not have loads of time to pamper my fingers and toes, I will make the time. Why? Because this season’s colors are H-O-T!

Sharp Shades

spring nail trendsPrepare yourself because your nails are about to get an insane jolt of color this season!

One of the hottest nail trends for spring 2015 is bold, beautiful shades. Seriously, every color in the rainbow has been amplified and then melted down into a little pot of nail polish.

We’re talking juicy reds, vibrant yellows, jade greens, electric blues and more. With such a blast of colour, your nails will be your statement accessory during the rainy spring weather.

Cool Corals

jin soonYou know how there always seems to be one dark plum or wine shade that is a staple during the colder months? Well, of course there’s a counterpart for the warmer months and this year it’s definitely going to be coral.

What I love so much about coral nail polishes is how they seem to be able to warm up any skin tone. And trust me, I should know. I’m as pastey white as they come!

With coral shades containing subtle hints of gold and other more punchy pink shades, you can’t go wrong.

Perhaps the best part about coral being so popular is that it is work-place friendly. Some businesses prefer more mute tones on their employees and that often means drab, boring shades. But not this season! You’ll look trendy and work-appropriate!

Gorgeous Glitters

nail incRemember how above I mentioned loving glitter and trying to find the right base-to-glitter ratio? Well look no further because this season nail polish  brands are coming out with opaque glitters that will knock your socks off! With pastel shades and opaque glitter, these polishes mimic floral print in a classy way.

So tell me; what are your favorite nail trends this Spring? Share in the comment section below!

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