Five Fabulous Nail Trends for 2013

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The hottest nail trends for 2013

If you’re looking for a fun way to accessorize this Spring, look no further than the tip of your finger. That’s right ladies, I’m talking about your nails and all the fearlessly funky nail trends for 2013 that are popping up.

For any of you who caught some of New York’s Fashion Week, there were several styles that stood out. From barely there to vamped up shades there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Glitter-Dipped Finger Tips

I L.O.V.E anything sparkly. Glitter, sequins, metallic confetti; you name it, I dig it!

It’s not surprising that this is one of my favourite new trends for 2013. Besides being sparkly awesomeness, it’s easy to do DIY style.

If you want to give your fingertips a little glitter dip just do the following:

  • Apply a topcoat to your nails
  • Apply glitter nail polish  (my personal favourite is Sally Hansen Gem Crush) to the tips of your nails
  • Depending on how sparse or thick you want your glitter to be, you may need to add more layers.
  • End off this look with another top coat to keep your glitter flecks from falling off.

Snow White

Perfect for the office and a unique take on a solo shade, snow white nails are so in this upcoming season. Use two coats of a milky white shade and cap it off with a matte top coat.

What I love about this trend is how sleek it looks and obviously, it matches every outfit! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how mature yet fun this look is.

Diagonal French Tips

A new take on an old favourite, diagonally painted tips are hot. You can color block or simply use a pop of color; whichever you prefer.

diagonal french tip nails with color blocking

To achieve this look from the comfort of your own home, all you need is a colorful polish, some tape and a top coat.

  • Start by placing tape diagonally across your nail tip
  • Using your colorful nail polish, paint your tips
  • Give it 1 or 2 minutes to set before carefully removing the tape
  • Sweep on a top coat and enjoy this twist on an old favourite.

The Racing Stripe

No, no…not that kind of racing stripe! This racing stripe is more of an Indy 500 sort of look. Think hot red with one single chrome stripe down the middle. It’s fun and edgy and easy to do on your own.

A similar alternative to this would be a more shadowed look. Rather than a metallic stripe right down the middle, try using a silver polish on one side of your nail and a beige-hued polish on the other. It’s a fun and quirky way to dress up your neutrals.

Motion of the Ocean

Add some serious dimension to your nails with this trend. Inspired by the ocean waves, this trend made quite a splash during New York Fashion Week.


Grab a triangular makeup sponge and 3 of your favourite blue shades. Dab the edge of the sponge and dip it in your first shade.

Press onto your nail in a vertical stripe and repeat with the other shades to create the ocean waves effect. I mean, how fun is that?

I just knew that the nail trends for 2013 were going to funky and fab!

Now these were only my top five fave nail trends so keep your eye out for all the other ones that are bound to knock you outa your socks.

Did you catch New York Fashion Week and fall in love with any of the nail trends for 2013? If so, which was your favourite? Dish it in the comment section below!

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