Miroverve Review: Time To BUST This Breast Serum

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MiroverveSix months ago a topless elderly Thai woman with abnormally young-looking breasts introduced me to Miroverve.

Okay it didn’t actually happen exactly like that, but you’ll see what I mean. Did you know that Thai women for just over a century have turned to one specific herb to improve the look of their breasts? It’s called pueraria mirifica and it can be used as a topical medicine helping to promote cellular growth in the mammary glands.

Now of course I was curious to see if this herb actually did what this woman said it would do. So upon my return home I quickly jumped online(after pouring a glass of wine of course) and searched around for a product that used pueraria mirifica as the primary ingredient.

Two showed up – Triactol and Miroverve.

The company that owns both of these products designed and trademarked a remedy called Mirofirm which is used in both of these. Triactol has a blend slightly different which is used more as a breast enhancer. Our focus however for today will be on debunking Miroverve.

How Does Miroverve Work?

The product itself is basically just made up of that one ingredient mentioned before – Mirofirm. The primary ingredient is of course the herb pueraria mirifica, along with other absorbents common in most skin serums.

All of the ingredients in the serum are dermatologically tested and have not shown any side effects or reactions of any kind thus far. It’s also formulated with natural ingredients, which is why it would be unlikely to cause any unwanted irritation.

Pueraria MirificaFor Miroverve to work, it needs to be absorbed deep enough so as to interact with the mammary glands. Therefore they do recommend applying it after a shower when your pores are most open and nutrients can more easily enter your skin.

Also after application, applying heat using a blow drier should help to keep your pores open for longer. This allows the ingredients to be absorbed even deeper into your skin.

Mirofirm contains a natural type of estrogen similar to that found in our bodies and that once it arrives at the mammary glands, can interact with it. This helps to restore the look and shape of your breasts and more importantly means it promotes the one thing that we all lose with age…


The vitamin E in the formula also helps smooth out the skin on your breasts, removing any unwanted conditions related to aging.

Why It’s HOT!

If you ain’t the type of girl who would be willing to suffer through a breast lift surgery, then Miroverve is definitely something you should look into trying. From what we have seen and others have as well, this breast serum does show some fairly dramatic results.

In some cases a few women were able to even see some actual growth as well. We can’t confirm this is because of Miroverve, but enriching your mammary glands with extra estrogen is certainly likely to have multiple effects on us ladies.

It’s also the only product to target the appearance of breasts as opposed to just enlarging them. Most women are too caught up in the idea of growing one extra bra size instead of just attempting to improve the overall lift, which in our opinion is far more important.

Yep if you aren’t happy with the lift, shape or even feel of your breasts, Miroverve can definitely help.

Why It’s NOT!

Possibly the only issue some girls may face is the price of this serum. The important thing to remember is this stuff is in limited supply and ain’t that easy to get a hold of. Plus the amount of the herb required to use in the extraction process is immense.

That’s the only problem in my opinion and I hope that more products begin to enter the marketplace to make a challenge and bring down the cost. Right now we just gotta settle for using Miroverve.

Beauty Score Bitches!

Honestly this product kicks ass. 90% of the breast enhancers on the market are useless because they all tend to focus too much on adding size as opposed to restoring a more youthful look and feel.

By improving lift, shape and overall feel, the end result are some seriously sexy looking breasts and that’s certainly something you can achieve with Miroverve.

Overall Score: 98%

What’s Next? Visit The Official Miroverve Site To Find Out More

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