LipFusion XL: What Do Fish Scales Have In Common With Fuller Firmer Lips?

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Lipfusion XLGot your attention right 😉 We’re on the topic of plumping up those lips this week and I thought I’d start by showing you gals a product that promises soooo much! So together, we’re going to take a closer look and see what it’s really made of!

I’m of course referring to LipFusion XL, the first of its kind, overnight injectable lip plumper that combines the use of tiny microspheres of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Oooo big words, but seriously isn’t this just another marketing strategy??

Are these things actually real and most importantly can they help boost the fullness of your lips??

Well that’s what we’re going to find out here today.

What Is LipFusion XL…Really?

Now of course the way in which most plumpers are supposed to work is by irritating the skin on your lips, causing them to swell. Sounds gross but that’s just how they work!

LipFusion XL on the other hand is different because its purpose is to use its two active ingredients to fill in the area deep within your lips.

Here’s how both marine collagen and hyaluronic acid work in theory.

Marine collagen is derived from the scales of fish(gross I know!) and hyaluronic acid is commonly used in cosmetics as it has properties very similar to restylane(again another filling agent).  Now you’ve probably heard of collagen and restylane injections and the idea of LipFusion XL is very similar to this except for the fact that you’re not actually injecting yourself with needles, which would suck of course!

Instead they use these things called microspheres, which are basically super tiny balls that encapsulate both of their primary ingredients, allowing them to be absorbed much deeper into your skin to a point where they can take up space, causing your lips to look fuller in the process.

Now don’t expect to see results to the same degree as what you would through actual injections, but it is true that microsphere technology has opened up a completely new way of allowing us to safely locate fillers like the ones found in this lip plumper.

Why It’s HOT!

There’s actually quite a few reasons why I liked this plumper:

  1. LipFusion XL before and afterIt’s an overnight product so you don’t have to worry about applying it throughout the day.
  2. Most of the girls I’ve spoken to have said it works better then any plumper they’ve tried.
  3. This is key, it will offer you LONG TERM RESULTS!

What’s really important to remember when it comes to buying a lip plumper is that you can quite easily use a product that quickly irritates your lips causing them to swell. However, there are two problems with that –

  1. They’re going to seriously dry out your lips.
  2. You literally need to keep applying it every hour or so throughout the day.

I would recommend getting a plumper like LipFusion XL which works a little slower, but offers long-lasting results without drying out your lips in the process.

Why It’s NOT!

I ain’t no fool, no plumper is perfect! Although this one just may be the best product as far as long term success goes, don’t expect to see results immediately. It might take up to a week before you start to see any noticeable results, something that many girls might find annoying.

You’re probably better off combining the use of both an overnight product like this one and for instant results a plumper that acts as an irritant. Did you know that you can literally create your own DIY lip plumper easily at home, using some seriously simple ingredients?

Beauty Score Bitches!

This is a nice little product for those girls wanting to see some long term improvements. If you’re the kinda girl who would prefer to take the time to create more of a permanent boost rather then using a plumper throughout the day, LipFusion XL could certainly do this.

Like I mentioned before, most girls had to wait around a week before they started to notice any kind of growth, which is just the nature of a product like this. Make sure you add it to your nightly beauty routine before you go to bed and hopefully after a month, you’ll have fuller more supple-looking lips that’ll have the boyz bringing you the attention you deserve! :-)

Overall Score: 96%

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