LiLash; A Permanent Solution to Falsies or a Risky Alternative?

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A review on Lilash, the eyelash enhancer

What brazen beauty doesn’t love the look of lusciously long lashes?

Having full, long lashes can really pull a look together or simply give you a bold boost. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with voluptuous lashes and have to find an alternate way to make them look fuller and longer.

From eyelash extensions, to volumizing mascaras, perms, shoddy serums and falsies, we ladies have tried it all. Personally, I do have pretty great lashes (what a dickhead thing of me to say, I know!) but from time to time I really want to make a splash and that’s when I bust out the falsies.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; my hand-eye coordination is less than admirable so if there’s a less hazardous way for me to get fuller lashes I’m all over it. This is where LiLash comes in.

Indulge Me; What is LiLash?

Well my dears, LiLash is a fortified serum that you apply to the skin of your eyelid similar to a liquid liner. It conditions and strengthens your lash follicle so you get naturally longer lashes without the mess of glue that comes with falsies.

They even claim to reduce the likelihood of lash breakage with regular use. LiLash contains a prostaglandin analog which is responsible for making your lashes grow. If you just read that and went “HUH” too, let me tell you what that actually means.

A “prostaglandin analog” means this product contains a group of drugs; in this case it refers to trinorprosta. Originally used to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension, doctors discovered how stimulating this drug was for eyelash growth and so, LiLash came to be!

How Do I Use LiLash?

It’s easy! If you regularly use liquid eyeliner you should have absolutely no problem applying it.

Simply apply a very thin line of the LiLash serum along your upper eyelash line. Do not apply to your lower lash line. Swipe on a coat of mascara and you’re good to go. Apply this product once daily for anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks to achieve best results.

Once you have the desired effect, reduce your use to twice weekly. After opening, this product remains active up to 9 months. If unopened, it is usable for up to 24 months. If you follow the directions and use twice daily, a tube should last you approximately 6 months. Not too shabby!

If you notice skin irritation or redness, obviously this is a good time to quit using the product. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive so don’t be reckless.

Can I Count On Results?

You will definitely see results in the advised time frame; longer, fuller and even curlier lashes. You may notice a few other things though. For example, darkening of the upper eyelid where you apply the serum. This often occurs in instances of prolonged use.

Not to be Captain Obvious again, but if this happens I would strongly suggest giving up this product. Darkening may disappear, but there are cases where it has been permanent. Yikes!

As far as eyelash growth goes, this product is absolutely fabulous. Not many products get the same great results but there clearly are a few things you must take into consideration. If you value your eyes, you will follow the instructions to a T and refrain from use if any signs or symptoms of inflammation or irritation occur.

Otherwise, glide it on and let others feast their eyes on…well, your eyes! You’ll definitely have people wondering if you’re wearing falsies or if you were naturally blessed!

Have you tried any other lash enhancing products on the market? What brands and were they worth it? As always, scroll down to the comment section below and show me you care with a little share!

Where To Buy Lilash

Strictly because there’s a 90 day return policy, I recommend ordering from Lilash.com

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  • So I went to get greatlength extentions put in my hair and I take notice that my hairdresser has wicked long lashes. She is a best of the best kind of person. I value her opinion. She tells me she started using Lilash awhile ago and her lashes got so long she had to cut them. She only applies every 2-3 days now to maintain her fairytale lashes. So with her putting my extentions in I decide I will buy Lilash also. She is my go to lengthener! I missed maybe three days at most but I’m on week four. OH MY GOODNESS no joke this stuff works for me. I have before and after. Its starts of not lengthening but filling in and then its a race to the finish line with me winning! Every lasu is wicked long and thicker! They look fake and I’m only at four weeks. Well actually closer to five. So as for side effects a slight purple on top lash, longer peach fuzz and ichy tingling for 5-10 seconds on some days. Really its like working out for my lashes it just told me the product was working immediately! I will be devastated if I can’t buy this anymore its an ego booster!!!!

  • Oh nice!! I’m so happy to hear you’ve had such a great experience with it!!

    Thanks for the review :)

  • I used LiLash for a long time and LOVED IT! My lashes were long and beautiful. No need for mascara when going somewhere and that was great. The only problem I had was it turned my eyelids a deep pinkish color but I covered that with eye shadow so it was fine. A Very Happy Girl!


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