5 Simple Ways to Keep Makeup Intact the Whole Day

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5 Simple Ways to Keep Makeup Intact the Whole Day

*Guest Post by Sally*

Women who lead busy lives often find themselves in a frenzy trying to keep their makeup intact. A perfectly finished look can go to waste quickly in a high-intensity life.

All day foundation makeup doesn’t seem to always make the cut, lasting longer, but not the full day. Promo events often describe new makeup that is guaranteed to stay on itself.

The truth is, no promo girl work cosmetics will last either way unless you do something on your part to keep it on. Luckily, you can utilize a few beauty tips and tricks on how to keep makeup on all day.


Ridding your face of dirt and bacteria is the most important aspect of making your cosmetics last throughout the day. Wash your face an hour before applying makeup with an exfoliate scrub that digs deep into your pores. Not only will this kill pathogens, but it will also reduce oil buildup, which tends to discolour makeup and create a shiny, plastic look.

If you have sensitive skin, use a cream-based wash and apply it using a rotating scrubbing brush or quilted cotton pad.


Many in the beauty industry view this advice as controversial. They believe that focusing heavily on moisturization can lead to slippery face where makeup won’t adhere or look flawless on. The truth is, if you don’t moisturize enough, your makeup becomes more susceptible to cracking and blotching.

Those who lead an active schedule could find particles of their makeup brushing up on their clothes and cracks forming on wrinkle lines that can lead to an awful result that is hard to remove.


This is one of the most overlooked subjects that comes to play when applying cosmetics.

Just like a wall before a fresh paint job, your face needs to be primed in order for the fullest in colour and longevity to be achieved. Apply basic primers that aren’t too rich in colour, such as white or beige. This blends with your main-stage cosmetics to create a look that isn’t too subtle or overbearing.

If you have oily skin, choose a primer with anti-oil properties to keep oils from making their way to the surface of your finished look.

Don’t Over Do Powder

While most people take caution when applying liquid cosmetics, they often don’t realize that it’s very easy to overdue powdering as well. To avoid stains on your clothing and an excess finish, apply powder conservatively in one area at a time and smooth it out before smoothing the entirety of your face.

Carry Blotting Papers

Keep a small tissue-sized packet of blotting papers with you at all times. Since you can’t take the bathroom with you wherever you go, this will serve as a miracle worker in smoothing out and repairing any breakage that may come your way.

In all, it’s clear to note that no brand of makeup can achieve an all-day flawless look on its own. Utilize these tips and implement them into your daily routine for quick, simple fixes to common problems that result in an only temporary ideal look.

About the Author: Sally is a writer at Covergirl Promotional Models. She enjoys reading and writing articles about beauty, skincare, lifestyle, and health. As mom, she also likes to find fitspiration and hit the gym to stay fit. Even Though she loves makeup and cosmetics, she is also believe real beauty comes from the inside out.

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