Idol White Review: Why Is The Feedback So Bad?

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Idol WhiteDon’t get the Idol White teeth whitening pen!

Now I’m huge into looking after my teeth, after all your smile is one of the biggest factors for when it comes to looking beautiful. I’m also kinda obsessed with trying out different teeth whitening solutions. Earlier in the week I showed you guys a surefire way of whitening your teeth using natural ingredients, but there’s only so far you can go with the ingredients in your kitchen.

Eventually you have to move onto a product for that extra strength required to take the meaning of “white” to the next level!

I recently made a change with the brush I use, but I’m still looking for a whitening solution that I can depend on whenever I feel like I need to go a few shades whiter.

That’s how I came to try the Idol White pen, because I had heard only positive things about it by that point. What I discovered personally after using it, happened to be a totally different story!

How Does The Idol White Work?

This product is just like any other teeth whitener in that it’s purpose is to bleach the enamel using hydrogen peroxide. The reason why I wanted to try it out so much was because apparently it cut down on all the messiness that I was sick and tired of having to deal with using other products in the past.

At the same time I was kinda suckered into trying it because Kim Kardashian was and still is endorsing it…

Yep I’m a fool!

There’s nothing special about the ingredients either. When it comes to whitening your teeth, I don’t care what anyone says – hydrogen peroxide is the only ingredient that causes whiter-looking teeth. The other ingredients may help keep your teeth slightly cleaner, but they will not have an effect of discoloration.

The biggest factor relates to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide and the application process, ie. how well the solution is able to be released onto your teeth.

To apply Idol White, you just need to twist the pen and rub it directly onto your teeth. That’s why I wanted to try it so bad because it seemed a lot easier then any of the products that used gel strips or mouth pieces.

Boy was I wrong!

My Idol White Review

After I received my package in the mail, I eagerly opened it up and quickly saw two cheap looking tubes. This certainly started off my experience on the wrong foot, but I was willing to keep an open mind until at least after I’d actually tried the stuff out.

I took my two Idol White pens into the bathroom and cleaned my teeth. THEN what happened next, was shocking to say the least…

As I took the cap off the first pen, it immediately started to ooze out all over the place. So much so that I probably lost about half of the entire contents of the tube.

What the hell!?

I tried to stay calm at that point because I still hadn’t actually applied the gel to my teeth. HOPEFULLY the results it offered were enough to make me feel like my money was well spent.

I started to apply and although it wasn’t as bad as keeping a mouthpiece in for 5 minutes, it still wasn’t anywhere near as comfortable as using a product like Crest 3D Whitestrips.

The actual taste of the gel was really bad and it kinda made my mouth froth a little.

Still after all this I kept my cool, hoping that after going through all this pain the final results were going to be amazing.

I mean they had to be at this point!

The Results

Short answer? They weren’t great to say the least. I would compare the results I received from Idol White to that of the very first teeth whitening solutions from the 90’s…very basic!

Today we’re at a point where the technology is good enough to see results immediately after the very first application. At least you should be able to see a difference after the second time.

Beauty Score Bitches!

I can honestly say I gave this product every chance to prove me wrong. I was so excited to find a way of whitening  my teeth without all the mess and horrible taste that goes a long with it.

The Idol White let me down A LOT! It was pricey, I lost half of my first tube upon opening it and worst of all the results it offered were totally inferior to anything I had ever tried in the past.

I honestly CANNOT recommend this product to anyone!

Overall Score: 40%

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