How To Make Your Bum Bigger without Surgery or Exercise!

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Tips on How To Make Your Bum BiggerHey you miss big booty. Erhmmm, I mean, soon-to-be big booty.

Having been flat chested all my life, but with an ass, it never occurred to me that others would want what I had. Thinking back it makes sense because you can fake cleavage, but you sure as sin can’t fake an ass.

One of my sisters has a flat tuckus and when I say flat, I mean concave.

No matter what pants she bought, they just wouldn’t sit up because there was nothing there to hold them up. Watching her struggle with with constant plumber’s crack got me thinking; there must  be a solution.

I always promised my sister that if she hit 30 and her butt hadn’t changed, I would dole out the dough for a brazilian butt lift.

Since I don’t really want to shill out thousands of dollars on someone elses body, I figured it was high time I took to the web to find a solution. Being the savvy web surfer that I am, I found several natural alternatives to butt enhancement surgery.

If you have a tiny tush and are looking to plump your rump naturally, listen closely because I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve on how to make your bum bigger!

10 Tips on How To Make Your Bum Bigger

Now before we get into it, I have to say most of my tips on how to make your bum bigger include supplements or natural herbs that you have to incorporate into your daily routine.

The beauty of them however is that they are all completely natural and safe for you to use! Win!


Indigenous to South America, this fruit is ripe with Vitamin A and C. It’s also rich with phytoestrogens, oleic acid and electrolytes which are important for booty boosting.

Bovine Ovary

As nasty as it sounds, it literally is just that; the ovary from a cow. Crushed down and put into pill form, this is a form of glandular therapy.

By ingesting this gland, it mimics the effect within your body and stimulates your pituitary glands to produce growth hormones. Long story short, this makes your body enter a second puberty-like state so you should notice development of your fave lady parts (bust and butt!).

Buruti Oil

Buruti oil is an amazing oil full of essential fatty acids, oleic acid and palmitic acids. It is useful for natural butt enhancement because it keeps your skin firm and taut, so you don’t get stretch marks as you grow.

In combination with the aguaje fruit, you have a great supplement.

Fish Oil

Omega fatty acids are great for enhancement because they absorb quickly and make your skin look plumper. When massaged into your hiney, these oils can be an ass-et! *he he*


Sound pretty vague, but I figured it was easier to throw them all under the same category header.

There are several herbs you can take orally or added to creams to help grow your behind. Next time you hit up your local health store take a look for the following; fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel, watercress, blessed thistle, dong quai and wild yam.

If these herbs sound familiar it’s because they also aid natural breast enhancement.


This natural amino acid is what fuels your adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands; all of which control hormone production. L-Tyrosine facilitates development by nudging your hormones to produce a little more growth hormone.


No, I’m not talking about McDonald’s. This commonly used Australian slang name is actually a superfood.

Rich with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and more, this root plant and all it’s healthy fats help plump your rump.

Maca also contains alkaloids that stimulate your pituitary gland to release more estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Pueraria Muerifica

Containing potent phyotestrogens, this plant mimics the effects of estradiol to help you produce more feminine curves.


Made from a combination of plant extracts, Volufiline stimulates the development of fatty tissues in your body. The more fat, the bigger your behind.

Zhi Mu

This tiny lily root encourages your fat cells to divide and multiply because it interacts with your adipose cells. When combined with other booty boosting tools like Volufiline, the results can be quite substantial.

So there you have it booty queens. Add a few of these natural alternatives to your daily routine and enjoy their butt enhancing effects.

Have you tried natural butt enhancement methods or do you have any tips on how to make your bum bigger? If so, dish ’em and be sure to share your ass-tounding wealth of knowledge!

I’m hilarious today.

Update: There’s a new booty-boosting kid in town: Revitol! Intrigued? Check it out here!

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  • I was wondering if everything in the list can be taken at the same time or should you only take either or?

  • I wouldn’t take all 10 at the same time. Massaging oils and ingesting other supplements at the same time shouldn’t be harmful, but consult your doctor just to be safe.

  • Does anyone know which ones are the most successful? (Im sure it differs for everyone, but just in general)
    And does anyone know which ones are more likely to cause weight gain?
    Thanks a bunch! :)

  • Pueraria Murifica has been around for ages and seems to work for most people, but like you said, it’s different for everyone!

  • I am a flat butt women, butt and bust! I would like to enhance! Which of these is most effective and has the fastest, results!? I’m soo excited butt boosting even exsists, ive always been a skinny bean pole with no curves and flat front and back! I cant wait to try this and add beauty!

  • If you want to give that booty a little boost, check out Gluteboost. It worked for my sister and she practically had a concave butt!

  • How well do you think the fish oil would work I have somewhat of a butt but I want it bigger and if it would work how many times should I take it? Thanks

  • On it’s own I don’t think you’d see massive results. Try pairing it with a few of the other alternatives I mentioned!

  • Where can I get this at online!

  • I would check out Revitol Butt Enhancement here!

  • Audumn Holden April 23, 2014 11:56 pm

    Okay, this might sound stupid. But I have fish oil pills could I just cut them open & message them on my bum or can I just take them. ?

  • I would just orally ingest them. Probably the fastest and most odorless option!


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