How To Make Homemade Lip Gloss

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How to make homemade lip glossI love Pinterst. It is full of fun ideas, cool pictures, and mouth-watering recipes. It’s helped me come up with ways to decorate, give myself funky mani/pedis, choose color scheme for sites, plan my future dream house, create tapas for parties and of course, has bled hours of my life away.

As a natural procrastinator, Pinterest was probably the worst thing to have been developed. I’m sure most of you can admit to spending numerous hours clicking through other peoples boards and pins. It’s addicting.

With that being said, on one of these many pinterestingly procrastinative adventures, I stumbled across an idea on how to make homemade lip gloss that ultimately led to this post.

You all know we’re lovers of DIY’s over here at TBB, so here’s to another beauty-riffic post.

Story Time

Do you have a favourite lip gloss? Something you use everyday, can’t survive without and own tubes of?

Back in the day before green DIY’s and a love of coconut oil and PawPaw, V was hooked on Vaseline – it’s probably why she created a DIY lip gloss, to help herself get off the lip crack!

Now when I say hooked, I mean call the doctor, order some methadone and book her into rehab, hooked on Vaseline. She had big tubs, little tubs, travel tubes and old lip containers filled with Vaseline. It was an obsession. And I can just feel her dagger eyes on me all the way from Thailand as I type this!

Every 20-30 minutes she would grab one of her many Vaseline stash and apply it to her lips. If she couldn’t find it immediately, she would freak out and fear someone had taken it – a past time her friends thoroughly enjoyed because of this reaction.

Needless to say, she loved her moist lips so I wasn’t at all surprised when she saw this adorable idea on Pinterest and shared it with me.

How To Make Homemade Lip Gloss

The idea is simple. All you need is;

  • 1 cup Vaseline
  • 1 packet Cherry KoolAid
  • clean container for storage

Simply melt down your cup of Vaseline in the microwave. Once it is liquid, stir in your packet of KoolAid and pour into little clean containers for storage.

Not only is this idea perfect for party favors, but it’s cheap and beyond easy to make.

Not digging the Vaseline and all that petroleum jelly? I hear that. So I’ve come up with an alternative for you.

All you will need is:

Similar to the above recipe, melt your coconut oil and shea butter together. Once liquified, add in your cherry Kool Aid mix and stir nicely. Add more KoolAid if you want a darker shade of pink.

Pour your lip gloss in containers and give to all your friends!

What I like about this particular recipe is how soft and supple my lips feel from the coconut oil and shea butter. The oil moisturizes, while the shea butter nourishes. If you want to thicken it up a bit, add a few melted shavings of beeswax (I love this kind!) to the blend.

This simple lip gloss idea will make for great party favors at your next shindig or even a nice little surprise pressie for your bestest bestie! Come to think of it, maybe I should make V one of these to get her off the PawPaw. Nah. She would never give that s**t up!

Know of any other tricks on how to make homemade lip gloss? Dish ’em below, beauties!

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