How To Conceal Acne, The Right Way

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Tips on how to conceal acne

I hate acne as much as I hate long lines, whistling and non-all-you-can-eat sushi places. If you know me, you know this means I hate it A LOT!

I always found that the worst part about major acne breakouts was how difficult it was to conceal them without looking flaky, cake-faced and two-toned.

I know you are picturing exactly what I’m talking about. When girls choose the wrong shade of concealer and forgot to cover their neck (which is a total fail) and when they top it off with too much powder, they’re only drawing more attention to the problem area.

There is indeed a stealthier way to tackle both issues. After all, you can’t Photoshop your face in real life so we might as well do the best we can with the tools we’re given.

With that being said, let’s all learn how to conceal acne the right way so we don’t end up looking a fright the next time we breakout.

Step One: Heal Before You Conceal

So you’ve had a breakout and want to cover it up as quickly as possible, but it’s important to treat it too. Reduce inflammation with a quick spot treatment. My two favourites are Aspirin and Organic Unprocessed Honey.

After rinsing your face with a mild cleanser, crush an aspirin and add enough water to it to make it a paste. Apply this directly over your acne and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

The same can be done with a tablespoon of organic unprocessed honey; not Billy Bee honey! That will only exacerbate the issue.

Both honey and aspirin have anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the red tenderness associated with your breakout.

Step Two: Deal with Oozing Acne

I am aware that the term “oozing” is repulsive but let’s be real for a second; whiteheads have a tendency to burst, pimples have a way of accidentally being popped and hell, they ooze a little.

The best way to treat this issue and effectively cover it up is to use a tinted blemish cream like Dr.Jart’s Blemish Base. It’s a triple action formula that heals, protects and improves your skin.

Keeping your skin moisturized will reduce nasty flaking.

Step Three: The Perfect Cover Up

You know you’ve got a great concealer when you put it on your face and it simply disappears into your natural skin tone. Your ideal concealer will do this as well as offer you buildable coverage.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer is a great option, especially for acne-ridden skin. Each palette comes with two shades so you can custom create a flawless shade and is oil-free, which is perfect for acne.

To get the most flawless coverage I highly suggest using a makeup brush. It will allow the concealer to get into the little crevices that your finger may not be able to conceal.

Use a dabbing/blotting movement to apply your concealer to the pimple. Focus on each blemish and once they are individually covered, then you can begin to blend out into the rest of your skin.

Step Four: A Flawless Finish

The skin of your pimple is oily and you don’t want your concealer to slide off, so the final step in concealing your acne is to give it the perfect finish.

In my beauty bloggin’ opinion, I would go with a mineral powder to top off your look. Mineral powders give great coverage without adding extra bulk, thus you avoid the infamous cake-face look.

Try using something with an SPF (for added protection) like BareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation. It is sheer and blends great, giving you the flawless finish you are looking for!

That wasn’t too difficult, now was it?

It can be downright tough living with acne; but when you treat it and know how to conceal acne properly, you’ll look and feel more confident in no time.

However, if you think your acne is getting out of control then check out V’s Kindle guide – Simple Pimple Remedies: How To Get Rid of Acne Naturally In 30 Days or Less – it’s full of natural DIY tips and tricks that help to get rid of acne once and for all!

Have a few tricks of your own on how to conceal acne? Share them with your fellow beauties in the comment section below!

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