How To Apply Self Tanning Lotion WITHOUT Streaking!

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How to apply self tanning lotion

Ever wanted to know how to apply self tanning lotion without getting those nasty looking streaks?

There are a few simple, but very important tricks worth following when you apply your self-tanning lotion. Like direction, density and speed directly affect traffic flow; they also affect your tan.


Bottom’s up beauties! And no, I don’t mean a shot glass. Start your self-tan from your feet and work your way up. The less time you spend bent over your body, the less likely you are to mess up all that hard work. Too much movement may cause the colour on your back to crease or streaking on your tummy.


Less really is more. Resist the urge to slather on a thick coat of lotion. One massive coat may cause discoloration in trouble zones like your knees, elbows and armpits. Instead, try multiple thin applications. Not only will this reduce dripping or streaking, but it will also give the most natural result.

HOT Tip: Use a tanning mitt like the St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Tan Applicator Mitt. It’s great for producing an even, streak-free tan and it’s water-resistant so you won’t stain your hands.

If you don’t have a mitt, a great alternative is to use a sock. So you don’t stain your hands, use a plastic bag or rubber glove underneath the sock.


When it comes to moisturizers and creams you usually want to take a little time to massage it into your skin. This is not the case with self-tanners though. Self-tanning lotions tend to dry too quickly so the more time you waste on massaging it in, the more likely you will create a funky stain pattern. The moral of this story is “The quicker, the better.” Chop, chop ladies!

Put Your Best Face Forward

Tanning your face is a little trickier than tanning the rest of your body. To avoid discoloration and that orange glow, follow these simple steps.

  1. Pull all your hair back in a ponytail and expose your ears.
  2. Gently exfoliate and cleanse your face. Hold off on your daily moisturizer for now. Like I mentioned earlier, moisturizer will most likely cause streaking and prevent your self-tanner from absorbing properly.
  3. You do want to apply a little under-eye cream though. The reason for this is twofold; your under eye coloration is naturally different and it will make you look younger.
  4. Blend your self-tanner with equal parts of that moisturizer I told you to ignore earlier. You don’t want to go too dark on your face so blending the two together will give a more natural effect.
  5. Allow the lotion 2-3 hours to absorb and develop, then sweep on some bronzer. For the most natural look, sweep some across your forehead, cheeks and nose.

By following these basic rules, I promise you’ll never have to worry about streaking ever again!

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