Heel Dock: A Girls AND A Cars Best Friend

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Heel Dock

What is the Heel Dock Exactly?

It seems as though every week there is a new, ‘must-have’ product coming out on the market that promises you a solution to any fashion faux-pas you may be experiencing.

Whether you’re male or female, at one point or another, you have been the target of some new fashion fix. Sometimes they are genius solutions, other times, not so much. It can be a difficult task sorting through which products are useful and which products are just a load of hype.

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about one of these very products called Heel Dock and wanted to see for ourselves if this product was an actual must-have or just another hyped up waste of money.

So we put our team on the job to do their research and see what Heel Dock is all about. What they found was pretty interesting. Here’s the story:

What the Heck is Heel Dock Anyways?

Heel Dock is a relatively new product out on the market that helps to protect your shoes from any scrapes or scuffs you may get while driving.

The soft cushioned Heel Dock adheres to any existing mat you might have on the floor of your car and stays put for maximum comfort. The Heel Dock also offers extra protection from the grit and grime that can collect on your floor mats in your car and can further damage your favourite shoes. It also helps to prevent any wear and tear on your actual floor mat and rids those mats and the carpeting in your car from any holes that can develop over time after constant wearing of shoes while driving.

Another element our team found useful about the Heel Dock is how easy it is to clean them. Just simply shake it out or for heavily soiled throw it into the laundry machine on the gentle cycle and you are set.

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Does the Heel Dock Really Work?

Our team found the Heel Dock to add a nice cushion setting for your feet and heels while driving, especially for long periods of time. Our researchers also found this product to be quite popular among the women on our team as they appreciated the extra protection from scuff and scratches on the backs of their expensive footwear.

Within a few weeks they noticed less scuffs than usual on their shoes and attribute that to the Heel Dock.

One Thing the Heel Dock Can Not Do

While our team found this product to be quite helpful in preventing further scuffing of your shoes and heels, one thing it cannot do is fix your already scuffed shoes.

An easy fix to already scuffed shoes is a simple quick wash and polish of your shoes, maybe even a little colored (in the color of your shoe) shoe polish to help bring back that new shoe look.

Once you have cleaned and polished your shoes, you can use the Heel Dock to further protect them from any future scuffing. Just make sure you don’t have any pebbles or mud in your Heel Dock and you should be fine. If you do have pebbles or mud in your Heel Dock just give it a little shake outside to get rid of anything that could scuff your shoes and you should be good to go.

Our Verdict

While the Heel Dock cannot help you to fix your already scuffed shoes that are quite common amongst frequent drivers, we have found it to be useful in protecting your shoes against any future scuffs, and acts as a very comfortable solution for tired heels while driving.

Our only word of caution to our readers is that you do your due diligence to find the best deal out there. Since this product is quite simple, the price should reflect that. We found the best deal to be through the main website where they offer a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal when you order your first Heel Dock for $10.

The only catch to this deal seems to be that you have to pay the shipping and handling yourself, however for doubling what you get in return, our team found this to be a good deal.

Other merchant sites do sell the Heel Dock, such as Amazon and Ebay, however they do not offer the Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal, nor do they offer the 30 day money back guarantee that the Heel Dock main site does.

All in all, if you are going to buy this product check out their website first before making your decision on where to buy it from.

==>Click Here to visit the Official Heel Dock site<==

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