H2Pro Straightener Reviews: What Works & What Doesn’t

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H2Pro StraightenersThis week, we’re discussing everything straighteners! Summer’s on the way and that means sun, surf and of course some serious damage to our hair…that is if we don’t do anything to prevent it.

You’ll be surprised at how many girls are using straighteners that lead to crazy damage later on down the track.

That’s why we’re going to review a line of straighteners we believe to be a safe bet when it comes to getting amazing results, while at the same time reducing the amount of damage done to our hair – the H2Pro Straightener series.

Of course with any brand, there’s going to be good products and bad ones, so let’s take a quick look at all the products in their line, starting with their cheapest…

H2Pro Allegro Series

H2Pro AllegroThis is their most basic, entry level straightener. The biggest asset this model has is that they use tourmaline to produce the maximum number of negative ions, which helps to create a much smoother feel and reduces static at the same time.

It also reaches it’s temperature of 410 degrees F extremely fast, in fact it’s probably one of the more speedier straighteners on the market.

As an entry level, to be honest the price is a little high and you could probably get the same results from a BaByliss Pro, which is $10 less.

Their 1.25 inch flat iron normally sells at $140, but you can get it from Amazon for A LOT cheaper at $59.99.

Click here to read reviews on the H2Pro Allegro at Amazon

If you miss out on the cheap price at Amazon, you can still get it for less then the normal retail price from the merchant below.

Click here to read reviews on the H2Pro Allegro from the next best merchant

H2Pro Vivace

H2Pro VivaceThe next step up in their line is the H2Pro Vivace which comes in sizes from 4/10″ to 1 and 3/4″. Unlike the Allegro, this straightener uses a ceramic face, combined with nanotechnology to allow for an even smoother result.

It also comes with the ability to set your own temperature, with the maximum you can set being 450 degrees F. If you’re the kinda girl with more fragile, thinner hair, then having a temperature setting is a must.

The best price we were able to find again was at Amazon saving 50% off the regular retail price.

Click here to read reviews on the H2Pro Vivace at Amazon

Or if they’re out of stock there, you can still pick it up at the same price from our recommended merchant.

Click here to read reviews on the H2Pro Allegro from the next best merchant

H2Pro Pro Series

H2Pro ProThe next step up in H2Pro’s line of straighteners is the Pro series. The major difference with this straightener over the previous ones is the triple layer of ceramic they’ve incorporated in.

The only issue with the pro series is that it only comes with a fixed temperature at 410 degrees F. You would have thought they would have included in the ability to adjust the temperature, but oh well you can’t have it all :-(

We couldn’t find this model stocked for less on Amazon but we did find a store that sells it for slightly less then the recommended retail price, plus you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Click here to read reviews on the H2Pro Pro Series from our top merchant

H2Pro Masters Series

H2Pro masters seriesThe second highest model of H2Pro are their Masters series. Now this straightener is basically the same at the H2Pro, BUT it comes with temperature adjustment between 140-450 degrees F. This is by far the most popular of all their models as it provides salon quality results quickly and easily.

The price isn’t too bad either at $139.00. We tried looking for a cheaper price around the web, but in the end all we could find was 5% off at Frizzy2Silky. The good news is you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Click here to read reviews on the H2Pro Masters Series from our top merchant

H2Pro Grand Masters Series

H2Pro Grand Masters seriesThe big daddy of H2Pro line of straighteners, the Grand Masters series offer everything a girl could possibly want out of a straightener. With 6 layers of ceramic built into the face, tourmaline built into the plates for reduced static and an overall smoother result, PLUS temperature adjustment from anywhere between 140-450 degrees F, the Grand Master Series is the very best in straightening technology.

The price however is CRAZY expensive at $500, which is absolutely ridiculous. That’s why we spent ages looking for discounts because we know they exist.

Amazon isn’t stocking the Grand Master, but we Frizzy2Silky is selling it for 65% off!

$175 from their site below:

Click here to read reviews on the H2Pro Grand Masters Series from Frizzy2Silky

Girls if you have an experience with one of H2Pro’s straighteners you’d like to share, please drop us a comment below. Or if you liked this review, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and we will forever be in your debt 😉

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