Glutimax Review — Does this Booty Enhancing Cream Actually Work?

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Glutimax Review

I don’t know about you, but there’s something terribly nice about a big booty. You know, one of those plump, perky behinds.

There’s a reason so many pop tarts are taking Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s lead and signing about big booties — they’re hot.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a round rump and have to work extra hard for it. Sure, we could drop a few thousands squats or other butt enhancing exercises, but isn’t there something else we can do?

Turns out there is.

Enter Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream.

What Is It?

Glutimax has been around for over 10 years now and claims to be the founding fathers of butt enhancement cream.

An all natural cream, Glutimax includes active ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Don Quai and Maca Root.

You may have heard of some of these ingredients before if you’ve ever read up on natural breast enhancement too. These ingredients are supposed to increase blood flow and circulation to your target region, and promote cellular growth similar to that experienced during puberty.

How it Works

bigger-buttGlutimax works by targeting skin degeneration, which can cause loose, pancake-y skin. Basically it boosts your natural collagen and elastin production by penetrating deep down into the dermis (innermost layer of skin) to repair damaged skin.

By doing so, it gives your butt the appearance of firmer, tighter skin.

But is this all an illusion or is actually results?

To use, simply shake the jar up nice and good and apply evenly all over your buttocks 1-2 times daily. It is suggested not to use it 1 hour before showering though, so maybe save it till afterwards. It is also safe to use more than twice daily for quicker results.

Expected rate of results is anywhere between 8weeks and 6 months.

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What We Love

Before we dive into the downside, there are a few things that are great about this product. Firstly, it’s all natural ingredients so having skin irritation is highly unlikely.

It is also reasonably priced compared to similar products on the market. Even better, the more jars you buy the cheaper it becomes. In fact, when you purchase the 6 month supply (which is also the length of time indicated for max results!) each jar costs as little as $24.99 each.

What We Loathe

Though technically all natural, this product contains parabens, which are not good for you with prolonged use.

On top of that, there is no return policy or money back guarantee. Though not a complete deal breaker, I usually prefer to buy products with a money back guarantee just in case they suck.

Another thing we’re not so fond of is that it’s not FDA-approved, though that doesn’t mean much because the FDA approves a lot of junk too.

By far the biggest issue we have with it is that many users fail to see results. Sure there is the odd testimonial claiming it is a brilliant product, but most people saw zero increase in the size of their tush.

Final Thoughts

While we’re definitely not opposed to you trying it out, don’t set your expectations too high. You’d probably be better off hitting the gym with a booty-boosting workout routine instead (FYI – my personal trainer sells an awesome booty ebook here!).

By far the best result from this cream is it’s skin firming effects, which can help reduce the appearance of cellulite too. But again, if you’re going for a dimple-free derriere, I suggest Finulite 100%!

So tell me, do you think it’s worth a shot? Or would you rather sweat your way to a bigger, hotter booty? Share in the comments below!


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