21 Best Foods for Preventing Hair Loss

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21 Best Foods for Preventing Hair Loss

*Guest Post by Molly*

Did you know that hair can grow on any place of our skin except the palms and soles? On some other places, hair is so delicate that they are almost invisible.

What you may not have known is that the visible hair is actually made up of a substance called keratin, and the hairs you can see are in fact, dead keratin cells.

Crazy, right!

The regular life cycle of a hair lasts 2 to 3 years. During this period, the hair will grow about one centimeter each month. At any given time, approximately 10%  hair is on the resting phase and the other 90% is growing.

Resting hair starts falling after three to four months and new hairs replace them. That is the normal cycle of your hair, but as you may know, this cycle could be disturbed by various external factors.

While you are expected to lose some hair naturally, external factors like genetics, certain diseases, physical and mental stress, and lacking proper nutrition could significantly increase your hair loss. Some special drugs used in cancer treatment, birth control pills, blood pressure controllers, and blood thinners etc. can also lead to temporary hair loss. Yikes!

Mistreating your hair could be another significant reason of losing hair. For example, shampooing the hair too often, dyeing, and bleaching will make your hair weaker. This can result in hair thinning.

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of one of those offenses…

*slides hand up in the air slowly*


The good news is, none of these issues cause permanent baldness. Once you remove the causes, the hair should get back to the normal condition.

Hair loss can also depend on the gender. In general, women tend to lose more hair than men. On some instances, women tend to lose hair after giving birth.

Among all these factors, the easiest one to address is the nutrition issue. Once you start taking the right foods, your hairs will get the necessary nutrients. And as a result, hair loss will be reduced too. So, what these foods are? To find the answer, take a look at the following infographic. It includes a brief description of the 21 foods that are absolutely necessary for preventing hair loss.

Check out this awesome infographic for even more information:

21 Incredible Foods For Preventing Hair Loss

About the Author: Molly is a professional hair loss expert. She has years of experience in the fields of dermatology, skin care and beauty.

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