My Finulite Review: Ditch the Derriere Dimples!

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My Finulite review

I’m going to share a secret with you: I LOVE my ass. Yeah, I said it. Sounds a little vain, but you it’s the truth; just ask V.

There’s a few reasons why my tush is one of (in my opinion) my greatest ass-ets! First of all, it’s not too big and it’s not too small. Secondly, it’s cheeky, but firm. Finally, it’s cellulite-free. Well, it was until not too long ago.

I’m a little bit of a nudist. Again, ask V. That poor girl has seen A LOT of me even though she didn’t want to!

Anyways, getting back to being a nudist, I love prancing around the house naked. Since I live alone, this isn’t an issue. As I was passing by the mirror, I stopped to check out my ass.

I gave it a little flex and low and behold there was a few dimples forming. Obviously this wasn’t going to fly with me, so I went into overdrive googling products to try out.

V is a lover of Finulite and has already written a review on the cellulite cream before. While it may seem redundant for each of us to write a Finulite reivew, we didn’t think so.

What better way to prove the worth of a product than to see results on more than one person? Besides, I wanted those dimples gone!

Finulite graciously sent me a care package and I put it to use immediately. Let me give you the quick lowdown on their product before I tell you my results.

The Product

Finulite is a two part regimen that offers an AM detoxifying lotion and a PM rejuvenating formula.

The AM formula offers a plethora of benefits. It boosts metabolism, increases circulation, removes toxins, reduces inflammation and helps drain excess fluids. All of these issues that the lotion tackles, are reasons why we start to see cellulite build up.

On the other hand, the PM formula works overnight to restore and increase collagen and elastin production, assist in cellular turnover and rejuvenation, fight harmful free radicals and restore your skin tone to a smooth, even appearance.

The Ingredients

All the ingredients in Finulite’s products are scientifically engineered to target each phase of cellulite formation.

Ingredients like caffeine and cyclic AMP boost metabolism and help rid toxins and fat from the body.

Star Fruit, grapefruit and cypress extracts eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation, while rosemary, chamomile and alpha lipoic acid help restore your skin to its natural, smooth state.

It’s nice to see so many natural ingredients in a product. For those interested, Finulite is also free of any animal-based fats.

My Finulite Review

Ok, here’s the part you really want to hear about; the results of my Finulite review.

First of all, I want to cover a few things:

Scent – not overbearing or strong, so those with sensitive noses won’t be bothered.

Consistency – smooth, easy to rub in and a little goes a long way

Quantity – I’ve been using the product for 4 weeks now and there’s plenty to go around. Mind you, I’m only using it on my bum. For those applying it to thighs and stomach, it obviously won’t last as long.

Price – Not too shabby! You can get 2 bottles for under $50 and like I just said, a little goes a loooong way.

Getting down to the serious stuff and my own personal results, I was impressed. In as little as 2 weeks I noticed my little dimples disappearing and 2 more weeks later I’m cellulite-free.

My Finulite review before and after shots

 Now I know my photo isn’t the best at demonstrating my results but do you know how hard it is to take a close up picture of your butt in good light? I tried my best and hopefully you can see the difference Finulite made in the look of my cellulite!

Anyway, back to the good stuff…

I found the product easy to integrate into my daily beauty routine since you have to do it once in the morning and once at night.

When Finulite sent me the care package, they also sent me their cellulite smoothing mitt. Don’t be fooled, this “mitt’ is not soft and fuzzy.

It is made from a plastic-like material, but don’t fret, it doesn’t hurt to use. I used the mitt every other day in the shower to target my tushy.

The idea behind it is simple; stimulate blood flow to increase circulation and help reduce cellulite. Massaging has always been considered a great technique for demolishing dimples.

As for my skin, I found that Finulite not only helped to get rid of my derriere dimples but it helped to firm up and tighten my skin, causing my bum to look more lifted…or at least I think it does.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that part of the results but it’s a nice side-effect that I’ll happily flaunt!

All in all, I’m forever a Finulite follower now. If I ever see those sneaky signs of cellulite creep up again it will be the first product I go to. Have you used Finulite before? Share your Finulite review with us!

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