10 Fall Makeup Ideas to Fall in Love With

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10 Fall Makeup IdeasWell ladies, it’s back to school for some of you which means the seasons are about to change. Summer is slowly sliding into Fall and that means makeup trends are blossoming. Those turquoise toes and orange-hued lipsticks will shortly be shelved until next summer comes around.

To stay ahead of the game and in with the new, here are the top 10 Fall makeup ideas you can expect to see this upcoming season.

10 Fall Makeup Ideas to Fall in Love With

1. Black Cherry Lips

I love traditional red lips, but this season we’re getting a little crazy and going for a darker hue. You’re going to want a shade that is so dark and deep it’s nearly black.

To wear this right, apply it straight from the tube and be sure to dust on a blush that warms your skin. While vampire movies and shows were all the rage last year, you don’t want to look like one yourself.

2. Smoky Brown Eyes

There’s nothing like a perfectly executed smokey eyeliner to makes your eyes pop. Trading in darker shades for a softer brown can make a statement without being too bold.

To perfect the Autumn smoke, use a rich espresso eyeliner and trace along your inner lash lines. Next, diffuse a brown shadow to highlight your crease. Use a nice creamy shade to fill in the rest. It will take you from day to night with ease.

3. Go Green

Deep greens are perfect for fall fashion trends, but rarely do we see them on our eyelids. In fact, we’re going for a brighter, more Emerald City type of green.

Use a nice jewel-toned green over your entire lids and wing it out past the corners. If bold isn’t your beauty style, dust on some darker shades like charcoal, to tone it down. As long as you finish with a nice layer of mascara, you’ll be nailing this look.

4. Cat Eyes

I love me a sexy cat eye. It took me forever, but I’ve finally mastered liquid eyeliners. This fall, we’re taking it to a whole new level of cat eye, but exaggerating the look with shapes and swoops.

For a sexy night look, use a dark eye pencil to draw on the graphic cat eye you desire. Fill it in with black shadow or liquid liner and load up on that mascara. It’s bold, but by gawd is it beautiful.

5. Golden Goddess

Mama always told me gold and diamonds were a girls best friend. She sure knew what she was talking about.

For a more delicate eye trend, trace your eyes with a gold liner. Dust your lids with a white-gold for an iridescent eye.

6. Coat it with Cobalt

I love cobalt blue. It’s a statement shade that few feel comfortable pulling off.

To add a little cobalt to your makeup, swap out your boring black mascara for a cobalt one. Coat your top and bottom lashes for a flirty alternative. If liquid liners are more your style, draw on a crisp line of cobalt or smudge it a bit. Whichever you prefer!

7. Bright and Matte Lips

When I think bright I often think glossy, but this season we’re ditching the shine for a matte finish. Grab a high octane pink or red, but avoid any with shimmers or sheens. The matte finish gives it a powerful look you just can’t achieve with a gloss.

8. Flawless Face

Creating a flawless skin tone when you don’t necessarily have the perfect skin is a cinch when you use the right product. Did you know that a little strategic highlighting can help you achieve the perfect faux-finish?

Use a BB Cream with a luminizer in a subtle shade to give your face a naturally dewy glow. Dab a little highlighter around the outer corner of your eyes and along your cheekbones for the perfect finish.

9. Flushed Cheeks

There’s just something angelic and adorable about rosy, flushed cheeks. They give the appearance of healthy and adventure. Simply use a cream blush with a translucent quality to faux-flush your cheeks.

10. Groom Your Brow

Pencil thin brows are not sexy. They look fake and we’re all about natural here. To groom your brows into the perfect shape, release the tweezers and pick up a nice brow pencil instead. Fill in your brows so they frame your eyes. Don’t go pencil crazy though, you don’t want it to look too overdone.

From powerful peepers to bold lips and flushed cheeks, you’ll be making your friends envious with these beautiful fall makeup trends. Now, do I go cobalt or cat-eyed today? Decisions, decisions.

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