The 3 Best Exercises for a Bigger Buttocks

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The best exercises for a bigger buttocksAw yea baby, it’s time to put your butt on the line and fix that flat ass of yours.

It wasn’t that long ago that I discovered how having a small butt is similar to having small boobs. In an effort to beef up your back end and give you a few more feminine curves, I’ve put together a list of some seriously beneficial booty boosting exercises.

The 3 Best Exercises for a Bigger Buttocks

First off, how weird of a word is “buttocks”? I feel like I should be saying it in an English accent when I read it out. No? Just me?

Moving on…

In an effort to remain transparent, I should probably let you know that while these exercises will help you sculpt a perkier tush, there are limitations.

If you plan on going from a butt flatter than Paris Hilton’s to one as big as Kim K.’s, you are not managing your expectations very well.

Exercises for a bigger buttocks will help, but your genetics may be a hinderance. Staying consistent with your exercises will make the most difference.

Now that I’ve smashed your dreams, here are the best exercises for a bigger buttocks you need to add to your daily workout routine.


You  had to know this one was going to make the list. Squats are great for building your glutes.

To properly perform a squat, stand with your legs hip width apart. Placing your weight into your heels, bend your knees and come to a chair position. Make sure your knees do not go over your toes. As you stand up right again, squeeze your butt muscles.

There are two ways to make the most of squats. First you could try swapping up your leg positioning. Taking a wider or more narrow stance will allow you to target every part of your butt.

Secondly, add some weights. Squatting with a barbell or holding dumbbells will make you work just a little bit harder.


Lunges are a seriously effective way to build lean muscle in your legs and ass. There are also several different ways you can perform a lunge. There are stationary, walking, alternating and side lunges. Add a few weights and you are golden.

To perform the most basic lunge, stationary, start by standing hip width apart. Step your right foot forward and bend into the lunge. Make sure your knee doesn’t go over top of your toes.

This means you will have to drop your pelvic region and butt into the lunge. To do this you will be bending your left knee and it should be nearly touching the ground.

Once you’ve effectively lunged, alternate legs and do at least 12-15 reps per leg.

Flutter Kicks

This is a great butt booster and one you can do just about anywhere.

If you’re at the gym, use a flat bench or platform and lie on your stomach with you legs extended off the edge of it. Hold your legs straight and high in the air. Alternate by extending one leg higher than the other, reverse and repeat. Do 20 kicks on each leg and repeat 3 sets.

You can swap this up by crossing your legs over one another and alternating as well. Trust me, you’ll be feeling the burn after a few sets of flutter kicks.

With these butt enhancing exercises you will be sculpting yourself the perfect hiney; tight, fit and bootylicious.

And hey, if you feel like genetics are getting in the way, try adding a butt enhancing product to your workout routine. Products like Gluteboost are great for stimulating growth and are made from all natural ingredients.

What are some of your favourite exercises for a bigger buttocks? Be sure to share in the comment section below!

I’ll stop saying “buttocks” now.


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