EvoraPlus: A New, Safe And Effective Approach To Whitening Your Teeth

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Evora Plus ProbioticTeeth whitening is the topic of the week and what better way to kick things off then by talking about a revolutionary change in the dental industry. When it comes to whitening your teeth, a lot of people don’t actually know the science behind how our teeth change color in the first place, so we’re going to explain that a little here as well.

EvoraPlus is the product we’ll be reviewing and if you’re interested, check out where it’s currently situated on our teeth whitening leaderboard(opens in a new tab). 

We’re just going to put it out there that by the end of this EvoraPlus review, you’re going to think about teeth whitening in a whole new light from now on.

Let’s get started!

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A Short Lesson About Our Teeth

In order to explain what this product is all about, we’re going to have to delve a little deeper into how our teeth actually turn yellow in the first place.

There are 3 sections worth mentioning when it comes to the anatomy of a tooth:

  1. The Anatomy Of Our TeethEnamel(hard outer shell that is mainly translucent in color)
  2. Dentin(Slightly softer inner tissue, similar to the make up of our bones)
  3. Pulp(Soft inner-most tissue that holds blood vessels and nerve endings)

A common misunderstanding when it comes to determining why teeth can appear yellow is that the enamel on the outside has been stained to some degree.

Although this is possible, in most cases the yellow coloring is due to the color of the inner dentin component of your teeth. Therefore the more healthy your dentin is, the whiter it will become and therefore the whiter your teeth will look.

Essentially the yellow coloring you see is the deterioration of the dentin beneath the enamel inside your teeth.

Now that we know this, the obvious next question is, what causes dentin to start to deteriorate in the first place?

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Why Dentin Turns Yellow

On our teeth we have what’s called plaque, which is constantly breeding and expanding. Plaque is nothing more then a complex biofilm made up of over 700 species of of bacteria that is constantly multiplying and looking for new real estate to attach itself to on your teeth.

Because plaque is constantly on the move, it can eventually pass through the hard outer enamel and enter the inner softer tissue eventually reaching the deepest component, the pulp. Once there, several problems can arise including cavities(holes in your teeth) which can lead to overall tooth decay.

It’s this decay that can lead to a change in color of the dentin beneath the enamel.

Therefore we can pretty much say that its an excess of plaque that can lead to our teeth turning yellow.

How EvoraPlus Works

How Evora Plus worksThe reason why this is such a revolutionary new product is because it works on preventing plaque from expanding on and inside your teeth.

Evora Plus is nothing more than a form of bacteria(pro biotic) that takes over the real estate on your teeth, preventing the bad bacteria from being able to plant themselves there.

Ultimately what it does do is prevent plaque from being able to grip onto your teeth and therefore eventually delve deeper through the enamel and into the softer tissue, stopping decay from occurring. When there is no decay, your dentin will remain healthy and appear whiter and therefore so will your teeth.

It’s a very different approach to traditional whiteners that work by attempting to bleach your dentin but do not have an effect on reducing plaque. In most cases after bleaching your teeth, they will eventually return back to their previous color after decay begins to take over once again.

EvoraPlus is an amazing new approach to safely reducing plaque, helping to increase the overall health of your teeth.

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Why It’s HOT!

There are so many benefits to using a product like this including:

  1. It’s easy to use(you just need to suck on  mint for a few minutes/day)
  2. It’s 100% safe(unlike most bleaching agents found in traditional whiteners)
  3. It doesn’t just mask the problem, it resolves it.

The main problem with traditional whiteners is that they literally have no long term benefits. Their only purpose is to bleach your teeth in the short term and therefore eventually they will return to the previous yellow color.

EvoraPlus works on fixing the cause of yellow teeth by reducing the amount of plaque that can exist on your teeth and gums. It’s a revolutionary new approach to dental health and we completely recommend giving it a shot.

Why It’s NOT!

Of course there’s always going to be at least one issue related to any product and in the case of the EvoraPlus, there is only one. The issue is that is can take up to a couple of weeks before seeing some serious results.

If you do want to give it a try, we recommend following this routine in the morning and at night for the first week or two:

  1. Brush your teeth
  2. Floss
  3. Take one Evora Plus

The key will be brushing and flossing to remove the existing plaque, allowing for new space to appear for the EvoraPlus probiotic to create it’s home and colonize.

That’s why if you are going to use a product like this, you need to be extremely thorough in the first 2 weeks of use.

Beauty Beatdown!

Currently in first place!We absolutely love this product and are currently testing it out at the moment and already starting to see results after just a week. From what we’ve seen, we’re not alone with a serious amount of positive reviews coming out of Amazon and some of the other large online shopping networks.

There’s too much emphasis on quickly whitening teeth, without thinking about the underlying problem of tooth decay. We all should focus more on reducing plaque and preventing it from harming our teeth.

Heck, seeing a dentist is expensive so if there’s a product that prevents you from having to do that, then we’re all for it!

EvoraPlus is currently sitting at #1 on our teeth whitening leaderboard.

Beauty Score: 98%

If you do want to give it a go, then make sure you use the EvoraPlus coupon codeSHIPEPLUS4 to save $4 and get FREE shipping.

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