The Top 5 Essential Oils for Cellulite

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The best essential oils for cellulite

Cellulite can be nasty business because it is often a result of genetics. Of course there are several of contributing factors like exercise and diet, but it’s tough fighting your DNA.

Mother Nature is a stubborn b*tch though and can tackle your genetic cellulite in a way you only thought capable by products like Finulite.

How does she do this? Listen up!

Like with so many other illnesses and skin/body related issues, mother nature has provided us with several alternatives. In the case of cellulite, it is esential oils.

Essential oils are natural oils distilled from their root source. Since they come straight from the source, they are full of the volatile oils that make them so pharmacologically potent.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Cellulite

If I were to cover the entire list of essential oils it would be pretty extensive so I’m going to stick with my top 5 fave essential oils for cellulite to help deteriorate those dimples.


Extracted by steam through the stem of a geranium plant, this essential oil has a lot of benefits. Ripe with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it is also an astringent, diuretic, haemostatic, cytophylactic and a natural deodorant.

The key property mentioned above was cytophylactic, which means it encourages the recycling of dead cells and the regeneration of new ones.

Its diuretic (blood thinning) abilities can aid blood flow and circulation. If you remember from previous posts on how to get rid of cellulite, low circulation causes cellulite buildup, thus geranium helps iron out that issue.


Most commonly used to aid hair care, rosemary essential oil is quite effective in toning your skin and removing dryness. Remember, the more hydrated your skin the less cellulite you will have. With all this toning going on you should see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite too.

Sidebar; rosemary mixed with mint in a shampoo is to die for. Mmm…ok, back to cellulite!

Juniper Berry

Awww, the cornerstone for gin; V’s fave…*bleck*!

Juniper berry essential oil comes from the berries of the juniper evergreen through steam distillation. It has most commonly been used as a digestive aid to flush out the toxins in your body. By flushing out these toxins you also lose excess fluid which can cause cellulite.

Juniper berry oil is also great at stimulating the formation of connective tissue in your skin to give it a tighter, firmer appearance.


Cold pressed from the rinds of grapefruit, this sassy little essential oil is a great detoxifier. It is a toning astringent that also revs up your lymphatic system and stimulates gallbladder and liver functioning. Together, they all work towards increased circulation and removal of toxins.


This particular essential oil comes from the cypress tree which is often found in and around cemeteries. As creepy as that is, just imagine it as being responsible for the death of your cellulite.

Cypress helps kick start circulation and its astringent properties assists by maintaining healthy blood flow.

How To Use These Essential Oils for Cellulite

Not sure how best to use these essential oils for cellulite obliteration? Fret not you TBB-following beauty babe. There are 3 simple ways to add these oils to your daily routine and make the most of their dimpling dashing benefits:

Massage – Using 3-4 drops, mix in to a tablespoon of almond oil and rub directly into your skin for instantly firmer, moisturized skin. Do this daily for best results.

Bathe – Simply adding 5-10 drops is all you need in a tubful of water to stimulate your skin and send cellulite running.

Smell – Either directly inhale or use an oil diffuser. Sounds too good to be true, but the pure scent of these oils can rev your body to do all the detoxifying and stimulating you need to say so long to cellulite.

So what’ll it be? Rosemary in the tub for hydration or perhaps grapefruit being inhaled with a diffuser for circulation? Which essential oils for cellulite and method will you try first?

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  • Essential oils will have even greater effect when combined with strengthening and toning exercises. Women should be very careful to avoid these common myths about cellulite

  • We couldn’t agree more, which is why we also wrote about the benefits of Essential oils for Cellulite, as well as Foods that can help you diminish the appearance too. We’re all about the myth busting, baby!


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