Elite Serum RX Review; Will it Really Erase Under Eye Circles?

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Elite Serum RX Review; Will it Really Erase Under Eye Circles

Ever wake up in the morning after a hella good sleep and STILL see dark under eye circles staring back at you in the mirror?

Lord knows I have. Sometimes they’re puffy and swollen too. Infuriating.

Unfortunately there are a million and one causes for under eye circles. Everything from allergies and hydration, to how much you sleep and genetics can play a role. Since we’re not superheroes, how does an every day damsel in distress find a way to ditch those dark circles without the super powers?

Elite Serum RX.

What is Elite Serum RX?

Elite Serum RX is a revolutionary eye serum that is full of peptides. These peptides help reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles, smooth out fine lines and reduce swelling as well.

The 6 key peptides are:

  1. Argireline – mimics the effects of injectables
  2. SNAP-8 – prevents your body from emitting the neurotransmitters that cause your muscles to contract and ultimately cause wrinkles
  3. Haloxyl – Reduces swollen, puffy eyes by increasing lymphatic drainage
  4. Eyeliss – Another peptide for reducing puffy eyes
  5. Matryxil 3000 – Restores moisture and hydration around your peepers
  6. SYN-COLL – Stimulates production of collagen, your body’s natural anti aging remedy!

Does it Really Work?

With such a long list of amazing ingredients, you probably want to know how it weighs in against other eye serums.

Well, both V and I have given this little magic stick a whirl. V suffers from cranky under eye circles and I wanted to kick my budding crows feet to the curb.

V loved her results because within just a few days she started to see a massive difference in the appearance of her under eye circles.


I too, loved my results because not only did the skin around my eyes feel hydrated (most other eye creams dried out my skin), but in about 2 weeks time it was as if I never ever had any eye wrinkles to begin with.

So how does it work? It’s simple. Just applying a dab of serum around your eyes one in the morning and again before bed. It shouldn’t dry your skin out, irritate your eyes or make your skin feel tacky. I found it absorbed quite nicely and gave my skin a naturally luminescent appearance.

Sounds great, right? You’re probably wondering what the catch is then. Well, we have to admit that the price tag is a bit steep. For $89.95 a pop, this serum is a bit more expensive than the average eye cream BUT one tube lasted me 3 months. So, if you take that into consideration then you’re only looking at a $30 commitment for each month. Now that’s pretty reasonable in my opinion.

The Best Place to Buy Elite Serum RX

Have we sold you on this awesome eye serum yet? If so then you’re gonna want to know where you can buy it. As always, the best place to buy Elite Serum RX is from the manufacturer themselves. You can find it on places like eBay and Amazon for slightly cheaper, but you run the risk of getting scammed or being sent an opened, tainted product.

Not really worth the risk, is it?

The good news is, when you buy more than one you gain serious savings. Check it out:

Final Verdict

This is hands down one of my favourite products. If you want to brighten your peepers and reduce swollen, puffy dark circles, then Elite Serum RX is the way to go.

Grab Your Own Tube of Elite Serum RX Now!

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