Get Locks You Love with These 5 Easy Hair Tricks

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5 Easy Hair TricksIt’s no secret that I love my hair.

Correction: Loved my hair. I cut it short and now I hate it, but as soon as it hits my collarbone again, all will be forgiven.

Carrying on…

Regardless of length, I’m still a nut when it comes to my hair. I will do anything to maintain a moisturized scalp, I hair mask the sh*t out of it and eat hair-healthy foods in a very vain attempt to have it grow faster.

I also like to style it, but have little to no patience when it comes to a hairstyle requiring a lengthy process.

It’s funny that I hate spending lots of time styling my own hair, when I have such a knack for styling others. Hell, at V’s wedding last December I did half the bridesmaids hair, my own and a few of the guests!

I’m also the queen of braids and often got suckered into styling V’s hair for ladies’ nights out. To be honest, I don’t know how she’s been surviving without me.

Anyhoozle…as I said, not a fan of investing loads of time into my own styling. Luckily I’ve got 5 easy hair tricks to give me the locks I love in the least amount of time. For all you fair haired babes looking for a few quick tricks, listen up!

5 Easy Hair Tricks

Messy French Bun

High buns are all the rage and the style doesn’t seem to be petering out at all. You might as well nail this one down as it is possibly one of the quickest easy hair tricks I have!

All you have to do is pull your hair up and twist it like a unicorn horn. Wrap your hair around the horn before securing it with an elastic. No tools required…well…maybe a bit of hairspray.

How easy was that?

Pinned Back Long Bangs

I look horrendous with short bangs, but I like to keep some long ones to frame my face. On days when they are royally pissing me off I like to pin them back.

For a cute twist, I use a ribbon or embellished barrett. Create a little volume by tugging on the front of your accessory.

Faux Length

My ponytails look ridiculous now that I have such short hair. I feel like a kidlette on her first day of preschool. Extensions are great, but some days I just don’t have the time or inclination to clip them in.

To fake more length I use this trick. I tie one high top ponytail with half my hair and then another regular-placed one below. It creates length and layering all in one go.

Topsy Turvy Tail

I love side ponies. They’re fun, flirty and simple. Sometimes they get a bit boring though. If you want to add a bit of flair to your next side pony, try it with this twist.

Section your hair into 3 low ponies. Flip the tail through the middle of each individual pony then draw each to the side and tie it into one side pony. The topsy turvy action gives your hair an element of fun that’s easy to recreate and takes no time at all.

Hair Knots

When I think of hair knots I often think of tangles, but this one is a cute hairstyle. Like tying a shoe, separate your hair into two sections and tie. Secure below the knot with a clear elastic and tease it a bit for an effortless finish.

Do you have any fun and easy hair tricks you want to share? Hit up the comment section below and let us know what your fave fast up do is!

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