Easy Feet: Your At-Home Solution To Expensive Pedicures

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This week’s guest post is written by Stephanie Hendricks, a busy mom who believes she has found an affordable solution to weekly pedicures!

Your feet take a real beating during every day life. They are crammed into shoes that aren’t always the most comfortable, they sweat, and they can start to smell thanks to the bacteria that can get caught in the cracks of our skin or even between our toes.

No matter how much you soak, scrub, rinse, use a pumice stone or moisturize, your feet just never look perfect! And as hard as I try, my feet never look like they do after a spa session.

I was recently on the hunt to find a product that would give me spa quality results for my feet but nothing seemed to live up to that standard. No matter what I did the dry cracked skin and calluses always ended up coming back.

I started looking online, reading any information I could find on how to fix my feet. After a few hours of searching I stumbled on to a few Easy Feet reviews that really got my attention.

These reviews explained that Easy Feet takes an entirely different approach to foot care than other products.

Why I loved Easy Feet

Easy Feet are meant to be used in either the shower or the bath tub. They are made to be secured to pretty much any bathroom surface; the shower floor, the bath tub, even the shower window!

They work with the warm water that you’re already using for your shower or bath to soften your skin and then starts to work on your calluses or rough, dry patches.

The Easy Feet reviews showed that this genius sandal-like product actually uses two different ways for cleaning your feet!

Your affordable alternative to weekly pedicures

Your affordable at-home alternative to weekly pedicures

First to clean your feet, the Easy Feet comes with over a thousand comfortable bristles that clean away any hidden odor-causing bacteria between your toes, in the cracks of your skin, even around your toe nails!

Secondly, the built in pumice stone is used to gently rid your feet of any unsightly calluses. It’s easy to use – just rub your foot back and forth over the stone with no fear of slipping as Easy Feet use powerful suction cups that won’t come lose until you’re ready to move them!

The fact that I don’t have to worry about balancing on one foot in the slippery shower to wash my feet is one of the qualities I love most about Easy Feet! Knowing that I won’t slip in the shower gives me that extra peace of mind I’m looking for in a product.

Finally, Easy Feet is affordable, especially when you order it through their website! I like to think I’m a savvy shopper and I like to do my research and compare prices. Usually sites like Amazon or even Target have better deals but not this time! I checked out both of them (among others that were even more expensive) and found that each site sold Easy Feet for $10 for one sandal, plus shipping! I know that may not seem like a lot of money to some customers but when looking on the Easy Feet website, they offer TWO Easy Feet for under $15!

Easy Feet

To me, if I can save $5 I am going to save $5 and order directly from the website. After all, I would much rather have two Easy Feet and be able to use one in the shower and one in my daughter’s shower instead of having to share.

What I didn’t like

The only thing I don’t really like about Easy Feet, and a few writers mentioned this in their Easy Feet reviews, is that it can sometimes be difficult to unfasten the Easy Feet from the surface you have stuck it to.

I tried for well over five minutes before finally just getting a butter knife and loosening it that way.

I guess if you think about it, the only negative is actually a positive because the cleaning sandal won’t slip once it’s stuck, but it was still a little annoying trying to get it off my shower floor.

All in all, Easy Feet allows you to have that spa quality look straight out of your shower, without spending hundreds of dollars to get it!

My whole family loves Easy Feet and we now have one in our shower, one in our bath tub, and one in my daughter’s shower! It’s one of the best purchases I have made all year, hands down…or should I say feet down!


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