Does Triactol Work?

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Does Triactol WorkWe briefly touched on Triactol’s ability to increase bust size here, but we wanted to go a little more in depth about the effects this breast serum has on increasing estrogen levels, to help promote tissue growth in mammary glands.

Does Triactol Work: Cell Growth In Mammary Glands

After conducting a little research on our own, it’s fairly obvious to see that an increase in estrogen levels will promote a branch-like effect on fat cells that go directly into increasing bust size. Try to think of it like the same way a tree grows, but in this case the branches are two types of cells; epithelial and mesenchymal cells.

As they branch out, so do our breasts.

Testosterone has the opposite effect and actually reels these cellular branch inwards, intern decreasing overall bust size.

So in order to determine if Triactol does work, we need to see if the serum is able to adequately supply estrogen to our mammary glands.

The one thing we do know about Triactol is the main ingredient Mirofirm, contains one powerful phytoestrogen called Miroestrol, which mimics the exact same properties as natural estrogen. Essentially you could say it’s a kind of synthetic form of estrogen.

Although no studies have been conducted to prove its effects cellular production in mammary glands, it is likely to work the same way as natural estrogen. The key aspect we believe is the application process.

Triactol were smart in designing their product as a serum and not a cream as serums are far more effective at being absorbed into your skin. In order to ensure proper supply to the mammary glands, you MUST take the time to first have a shower to increase the diameter of your skin pores, before thoroughly massaging the serum into you breasts in a circular motion until it is FULLY absorbed.

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