Does GluteBoost Work? Our 6 Month Booty Boosting Review!

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Does GluteBoost Work?Who knew that bums could be such a sore point for girls. I always knew that small boobs were an issue. I, myself wanted bigger boobs and went about it with different natural remedies and enhancement creams.

Turns out, having a teeny tiny tushy is just as bad. I suppose I should have realized. My sister is concave and constantly complains about the frustrations of having a flat ass; it’s hard to find nice pants, they don’t stay up, it’s not feminine. I get it.

On top of not understanding the perils of having no butt, I also didn’t know there was a bevy of booty boosting supplements on the market. One of these products is Gluteboost.

As I just mentioned, I had the perfect guinea pig to test it out on; my sister. But before we get into her results, let’s talk about the product.

How Gluteboost Ingredients Work to Boost Your Booty

Gluteboost is a natural butt enhancement product that uses pills and a cream to naturally plump your rump.

The Gluteboost pills contain 12 natural ingredients meant to trim unwanted fat and increase your butt.

Certain ingredients work together to focus on a different part of your body. Maca root, saw palmetto and soy and they each work to increase your butt muscle growth.

The ingredients dong quai, fenugreek and wild yam increase the amount of fat storage. Finally, the remaining 6 Gluteboost ingredients (rosehip, citrus bioflavonoids, dandelion, watercress extract, tyrosine and genistein) work on your entire body to trim unwanted fat and improve your general health.

The butt enhancing Gluteboost cream contains two active ingredients; Voluplus and Volufiline. Both ingredients are tested, approved and known to volumize your tush.

Voluplus works by interacting with your body’s adipose cells. Your adipose cells are responsible for fatty tissue and Voluplus works to increase them for a plumper butt.

Volufiline is a combination of plant extracts that work to increase the number of fat tissue in the areas where it’s applied. The results are permanent, not temporary.

The other ingredients in the cream moisturize your skin so it can be firmer and more toned.

Does Gluteboost Work?

So, does Gluteboost work? Well, let’s just see what my big sister had to say!

I was shipped 6 months worth of Gluteboost, which I dutifully handed over to my sister. She set to work by taking her pills daily and applying the cream.

Her first impression was that the pills smelled nasty. They have a very pungent and organic scent. Popping them daily required some serious nose plugging and fast water chugging. Alas, she did what she had to.

My sister said the cream was actually quite nice. It wasn’t overly scented, made your skin feel super smooth, but did have a little tingly. The tingling sensation wasn’t enough to irritate sensitive skin, but just enough to make you feel like it was working.

After the first 2 months we started to notice a mild swelling of her barely there behind. It didn’t seem very significant, but we figured it was worth waiting out. Since we were shipped 6 months worth of product we figured we might as well ride it out.

Four months later and it was time to check out the difference.

Does GluteBoost Work? Our Before and After ShotsLet me be clear, my sister literally had next to no ass. After 6 months we noticed a plushness to her behind that was not there before. Concave was gently turning convex; we were impressed.

While the results were not super remarkable, with more time and perhaps a more diligent squat routine it could be better.

All in all, we feel like this is a worthy product. If your behind isn’t your best ass-et (haha, get it?) then consider giving Gluteboost pills and cream a shot.

With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and some seriously awesome purchasing options, you can’t go wrong.

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  • Was it permanent for you, even without using it for some months? Because my result wasn’t permanent..

  • As far as I can tell, the results were permanent for my sister.

  • I can’t tell the difference between the two photos besides the way she is posing.


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