My Favorite DIY Lip Plumper With An Added Kick!

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DIY Lip PlumperHave you ever wondered why most over-the-counter lip plumpers cost so much money? I mean, what could they really be made of that they have to charge on average $5 – $10?

Ladies I got a little secret to spill about the majority of lip plumpers available today…

You can literally make them at home for a fraction of the price!

Crazy huh?? Of course there are some exceptions to the rule. For example products like LipFushion XL contain ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid, which you can’t just go down and pick up from your local supermarket.

But for the majority of products, you can get the exact same results by using this simple, at home DIY lip plumper…

Here’s What You’ll Need

Some of these you might already have at home, but if you don’t, they’re really cheap so not to worry. :-)

Cinnamon Oil

You might need to go down to a natural supermarket for this, but the most you should pay is like $2, plus it’s going to last you for ages in that you can use it to make about a years supply of lip plump! This is going to be one of the ingredients that will cause your lips to swell up nice and big and as a bonus it smells amazing. :-)

Clove Oil

Same thing as cinnamon oil. The price should be exactly the same, it’s going to last for multiple refills and yes it also smells really nice! Also it’s purpose is yet again to cause the irritation that is going to give your lips that super pumped look!

Cayenne Pepper

This ingredient is what’s going to give your DIY lip plumper that added kick, something that the majority of products don’t exactly offer. You can experiment with how much you want to use, but a good starter for this recipe is half a teaspoon.

Carmex(in a tube)

Now this is probably the most expensive part of the recipe as one tube of Carmex might end up costing you around $2 in stores. Orrr you can get 3 tubes of Carmex from Amazon for $4.80.

The reason why I like Carmex a little more is firstly it contains menthol, which is going to help increase swelling and secondly that it’s fairly waxy in nature.

The reason why this is going to be better is that the essential oils mentioned above are going to thin out the remedy a little, so having a slightly thicker base is going to allow it to hold together nicely on your lips.

Vitamin E Oil

You should actually be able to pick this up from most major supermarkets and it’s really, really cheap. I got mine for like $2 and it’ll last you for ages. Vitamin E oil is going to do two things:

  1. Return the lost moisture sucked up by the essential oils and the cayenne pepper.
  2. Stop the DIY plumper from going bad too quickly.

Once you have all of these ingredients, head straight to your kitchen and follow these simple instructions(for all you tweens out there, make sure you ask for your parents permission first!)

Let’s Start Mixing!

This is going to be a really simple remedy to make and it should only take you 5 minutes. Just follow these steps and before you know it, you’ll have yourself a seriously potent plumper ready for action!

Step 1: Turn on your stove to about a medium temperature. Grab a small pot, fill it halfway up with water and place it onto the stove. Wait for the water to start simmering(you don’t want it to boil) and place a 1 litre glass or pyrex measuring container inside the pot. Make sure no water gets inside the measuring container!

Step 2: Take your tube of Carmex and twist it up until the entire contents can be removed and throw it into the measuring container(don’t throw away the empty tube!). Wait for the Carmex to melt down and take it off the heat. Use a butter knife or something similar and stir that badboy until it looks nice and even.

Step 3: Next we’re going to take our half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and add it to the mix, stirring all the while.

Step 4: Take about a teaspoon of both the cinnamon and clove oil and add it in. Keep stirring!

Step 5: Vitamin E oil comes next. Just a few drops should be enough. Don’t stop stirring sister!

Step 6: Take your empty Carmex tube, place it on your kitchen counter and poor the remedy directly into it, making sure you have untwisted the central column all the way down so that it’s not sticking out of the tube.

Now all we need to do is go grab a magazine, kick your feet up and wait for around 30 minutes to an hour for your DIY lip plumper to fully dry and harden.

Once it’s nice and hard, take it for a test drive. You should notice an instant burning sensation, which at first may not be that nice but don’t be a wimp as you’ll get used to it soon enough. 😉

Before I Leave You And Your New Phat Lips Alone!

Remember this is a super potent plumper so it’s going to dry your lips out a little. Supplementing it with a moisturizer of some sort should help to counteract the drying properties of the essential oils and the cayenne pepper, but if for some reason it’s too powerful and your lips start to literally burn off, try reducing the amount of these two ingredients until you find a healthy medium!

Finally and I’ve already mentioned this, I’m not going to take any responsibility for those who should have asked for their parents permission first before making this remedy. If you want to give this DIY lip plumper a try, go straight to your Mom or Dad and ask them if you’re allowed to make it!!

Be safe and enjoy those new phat lips ladies!

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