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Deborah Lippmann Happy BirthdayWell I thought it was about time that I reviewed Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday nail polish. I’ve had so many girls write into us here asking our thoughts on this nail color, wanting someone to ease their concerns about paying $18 on a product that would SEEM like it should be less.

I can tell you, I’m a huge fan of Deborah’s collection, in fact hers are the only one’s I buy now because I know that what I’m going to get is quality every time.

I think it’s the natural evolution for any girl to try out a bunch of cheaper products, before realizing eventually that there is just no substitute for quality nail polish.

Anyway back on topic!

Here’s my official Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday review.

The Blueprint

Like all of Deb’s products, Happy Birthday comes standard with the usual ingredients including biotin and green tea, both important for helping to strengthen nails.

The color itself is clear, but it’s nicely weighted with a high density of glitter that gives you the perfect birthday look as you can see below –

Happy Birthday On Nails

The other great thing about Happy Birthday is you can combine it to make so many different styles and one of my favorites is to mix it with Like A Virgin, also by Deborah Lippmann. Okay so not actually mix it, but first apply LAV, before easing on some Happy Birthday to finish with, resulting in this look…

happy birthday on white

It’s incredibly easy to do, so if you mess up, you best be thinking about getting someone to teach you how to apply polish girl!

Okay that was mean and I’m sure you’ll do just fine. :-)

How Well Does It Stay On?

As I mentioned earlier I’ve tried a lot of different brands, but it wasn’t until I started using Deborah Lippmann’s collection that I finally found one that I was happy sticking with.

For a glittery polish(most shed like crazy), this one seems to stay on your nails extremely well. I mean the last thing you want is to wake up the next day after a big night out, look in the mirror and see the resemblance of a shiny disco ball. Worst of all you probably looked that way all night long!

Any Concerns?

Of course the biggest problem most girls have with this collection is the price at $18 per color. For a long time that was the thing that turned me off buying D Lippmanns products, but since giving the first a try – Baby Love – there was no turning back.

Still if you’re really worried about spending too much money, I totally recommend ordering through Amazon as you’ll save a least a few dollars there.

Beauty Score Bitches!

D Lipp nail polish is definitely one of the high end products on the market. As far as a glitter polish goes, Happy Birthday would have to be one of the best. It has a high density of glitter, stays on really well and also helps keep your nails nice and strong at the same time.

The only problem is the price, but if you can afford to at least try one of her products, I promise you they are well worth the money.

Overall Score: 94%

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  • If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, but with all that glittery goodness, I love the Sally Hansen Glitter collection. It’s only about $10 a bottle and comes in a bunch of shades. Only bad thing is, it chips easily. Gotta double up the top coat..

  • Yeah I love Sally Hansen….so many great hues to choose from! Thanks for the tip :)


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