Colon Cleanse Complete #7: The Ahh…Butt Burner…You Know What We Mean ;-)

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Colon Cleanse Complete #7Alright beauty babes we’re sticking to weight loss this week, talking about some of the products that may offer you the ability to shed some pounds without putting in a ridiculous amount of work.

Today we’re reviewing a product that although hasn’t been scientifically proven to offer results, does have a loyal group of followers. It’s called Colon Cleanse Complete #7 and the name kinda tells you what you’re in store for if you decide to try it.

If you are thinking about going down the colon cleanse path, then hopefully the pro’s and con’s we’re about to mention in regards to this product, will make it easier for you to make up your mind.

Let’s get this Colon Cleanse Complete #7 review started!

Beauty Breakdown!

Believe it or not, colon cleansing ain’t a new thing! Products like this one have been around for a long time, but it’s only been recently that we have been able to tie the effects of a cleanse like this to the reduction in body fat.

Colon Cleanse Complete #7 uses all natural ingredients like fennel, cayenne pepper licorice root and a whole bunch more in a pill form, which you’re just supposed to take once a day to see the effects.

The idea of a product like this is to clear away all the unwanted particles that prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients it needs to function properly. For example, if you’re liver is functioning at a higher level, it is better equipped at removing fat cells from your body.

What are the pro’s and con’s of this particular product?

Why It’s HOT!

Natural Cleansing IngredientsWe are HUGE fans of the all-natural approach and this is the major benefit of a product like Colon Cleanse Complete #7. All you need to do is read the back of the bottle and it’s clear that all of the ingredients MUST have some benefit for the overall health of your body.

Secondly if you’re like us, you probably can’t stick to a long term diet and therefore it’s likely you’re consuming junk food from time to time.

Who doesn’t love McDonald’s at 3 in the morning after a crazy night out?

The great thing about a product like this is that it will help remove a lot of the harmful free-radicals that enter your body through highly processed fatty foods and prevent you from absorbing all of the good stuff.

Finally, it’s extremely easy. All you need to do is remember to pop one pill a day in the morning…and of course go to the bathroom when necessary!

Why It’s NOT!

Honestly, there’s not a lot of evidence to suggest that products like Colon Cleanse Complete #7 have a direct influence on fat loss. In fact sometimes they have the opposite effect in that those who cleanse their system in the morning, feel okay about eating bad food throughout the day, thinking they can remove it all just by taking one pill to cleanse their system.

Here’s the truth.

You CANNOT just rely on this type of product and expect to lose weight! Instead Colon Cleanse Complete #7 requires that you complement it with a healthy diet and exercise routine, to ensure that you see results.

Finally apart from maybe some cayenne pepper, there is nothing in the formula that has a direct influence on removing fat cells from within your body.

In the end you’re try relying on your bodies ability to remove stored fatty tissue and for some people that’s not enough.

Beauty Score Bitches!

Although Colon Cleanse Complete #7 is clearly good for you, as far as its ability to directly burn fat goes, it definitely cannot have a direct influence on your body.

Instead what’s more likely is that if you combine a morning cleanse like this with a healthy diet and exercise routine, you will see results. Not instantly, but probably over the course of 3-6 months.

Still, as far as an overall cleanse goes, it’s right up their with the best.

Overall Score: 83%

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