Why Coconut Oil Should Be Your New Beauty Staple

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Why Coconut Oil Should Be Your New Beauty Staple

*Guest Post by Dr. George*

Are you looking for an all-around natural beauty product that you could add to your beauty staple?

You need not spend thousands on every beauty product on the market. You can look beautiful with just a bottle of coconut oil that costs $10 or less. Yes, this wonder oil has practically got it ‘oil’ for you!

Coconut oil is more than just for healthy cooking. It also does beauty wonders that can make you look and feel your best from head to toe. In fact, it is used in a variety of cosmetics and beauty products.

Here are the different uses of coconut oil that makes it worthy of a place as your new beauty staple…

Hair Care

It can make hair shiny, lustrous, and less frizzy

I remember that as a young girl, my mom used to make homemade coconut oil for my hair. At first, I didn’t like how greasy it looks on my hair, not until I saw the finished product. My hair was shinier, soft, and tangle-free, but not greasy. Worry about the smell? No need to, it smells good.

For healthier locks, apply a generous amount of coconut oil into your hair after shampooing.Let it sit for a few minutes for maximum absorption then rinse well. For quick hair fixes, you can use a dab of coconut oil as a hair serum to maintain your hair’s moisture and shine.

Skin Care

It can give you a baby-like smooth and supple skin

Coconut oil is naturally rich in proteins. These proteins provide a significant contribution to cellular health and repair resulting to a healthy and well-rejuvenated skin from the inside out. It also has vitamin E that helps prevent premature skin aging for a longer-lasting smooth and supple skin.

Get loco with coconut oil and let it take care of your skin for you. Just add salt or sugar with melted coconut oil and use it as an exfoliant or body scrubfor great results. After rubbing and rinsing your body off of icky, dead skin, finish it off with a slather of small amounts of coconut oil.

It provides a two-way solution for certain types of skin disorders

Having problems like severe acne, eczema, and psoriasis? No need to worry, coconut oil can be your skin savior too. Its protein content also battles with different skin infections. While it replaces sick skin cells with new, healthy cells, it also aids in scar prevention from these skin disorders.

You don’t need to overspend on expensive store-bought lotions and creams for your skin problems. Besides being expensive, some of these even contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Try using pure coconut oil instead, and see surprisingly great results.

Facial Care

It’s a very good substitute for make-up remover

Since coconut oil is basically oil, it can thoroughly cleanse the face from different types of makeup that are mostly oil-based. It removes substances found in make-up, such as hard to remove mascara and eye shadow, in a breeze. It surprisingly works for waterproof mascara as well.

Apart from that, it has antibacterial, antifungal, and hydrating properties that moisturizes the skin while cleansing it. Simply rub off coconut oil in a circular motion all over your face and neck using a dry cotton ball until no makeup residue is left. Rinse with warm water right after.

Can’t wait to try and witness the beauty wonders of using coconut oil after reading this article? Add a bottle of coconut oil in your beauty kit today and experience natural beauty at its best!

About the Author: Dr. George Shanlikian, M.D., is the medical director of Genemedics Health Institute. He is a national leader in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and preventative medicine. Dr. George has spent over 17 years and thousands of hours of training in BHRT and has helped thousands of women and men suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance.

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