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The 5 Best Foods For Weight Loss

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I am a weight flip flopper. I’m that girl who gains weight, loses weight, gains weight, and loses weight because sometimes I find it damn near impossible to say no to my overwhelmingly powerful cravings.

And if you have ever been in that situation, you know that when you are gaining weight, or trying to stop gaining weight, the guilt that comes with giving into those temptations can be crippling.

Since turning the big dirty 30 I have made a pact to myself to adopt, and maintain, a healthy and more active lifestyle which, thankfully, has resulted in a few pounds shed and most importantly a general feeling of positivity.

And the best part about this newfound weight loss is that I didn’t deprive myself, restrict myself, or guilt myself for eating certain foods. Instead I focused on foods that I not only loved, but were sustainable enough that I wouldn’t hate them after only 2 weeks of eating them.

So what were these 5 fab foods for weight loss that I focused on? [Keep Reading]