The Sunless Tan Commandments

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10 Tanning RulesIt’s getting to be that time of year where the sun goes down earlier, the days appear bleaker and your summer glow is long since gone.

Sadly, I’m used to being a pasty white girl. In fact, I rarely tan; faux or for real. I’m more of a freckler, even if I wear my daily SPF. My typical skin color is one shade darker than that crisp shade of white you see in hospitals. Casper, anyone?

While I do appreciate that subtle glow of health I get from the summer sun, I make a habit of avoiding unprotected overexposure.

V and I have said it time and time again, but let me drive it home one more time; over exposure to the sun or your favourite tanning bed can have drastic effects on your skin. What’s even worse, some seem to be addicted to it. [Keep Reading]

Sun Tanning Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts of Tanning

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The best sun tanning tips

Have you ever watched the TV show Gypsy Sisters? If you haven’t, you must. If you have, then you know what a hot mess of awesome entertainment it is.

It was during one of these outrageous episodes that the aforementioned gypsy sisters were tanning outside beside their RV. My fave sister Kayla was rubbing herself down with some “high-tech, synthetic oil.”

Oh yes ladies, we’re talking motor oil. The same stuff you pour in your engine to keep it from corroding, was being used for tanning. It was this blatant stupidity that inspired me to write a little article on sun tanning tips and all the Do’s and Don’ts of Tanning.

Starting with a ‘Don’t’ seems like a pretty obvious place to kick things off. [Keep Reading]

Foods That Tan Your Skin Naturally

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Foods That Tan Your SkinFoods that tan your skin naturally? Sounds completely ridiculous right?

Well, maybe not…

Did you know that most of the primary ingredients used in tanning products can also be found naturally in some foods?

For example Millenium Tanning’s most popular lotion contains straight carrot seed oil as well as tyrosine, which can be found egg whites, salmon, soy and many other foods.

I’m going to give you a break down of what I believe to be the best foods that can effectively tan your skin naturally. [Keep Reading]

How To Tan Your Face The Right Way

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How to tan your faceLooking to find out how to tan your face without either:

  1. Burning it to a crisp?
  2. Making you look like an umpa lumpa?

Well I’m going to show you how to tan your face the RIGHT way! And the best news is, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to do it via the sun/salon or using a sunless tanner.

I got the know-how for both! [Keep Reading]

How To Make Your Tan Last Longer: Follow These 3 Golden Rules

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How To Make Your Tan Last LongerEver wondered how some girls tend to keep their color for what seems like an age? Well I’m about to show you exactly how to make your tan last longer. The great thing about these techniques is they’re so simple to apply and have been proven to be  effective on EVERY girl.

It also doesn’t matter what type of tan you have. What I’m about to show you will work on all of the following:

  • Spray tan
  • Sun tan
  • Tanning lotion
  • Solarium tan
  • And any other that I may have missed! [Keep Reading]

What To Do Before You Tan

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What To Do Before You Tan

Are you sure you know what you’re doing before getting your tan on?

Today I’m going to show you exactly what to do before you tan. Trust me when I say that most girls don’t do what I’m about to tell you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using a sunless lotion, getting a spray tan, or heading down to the beach or salon. This technique will enable you to keep your tan for much longer! [Keep Reading]

Weird Tips for Tanning

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Find out some weird but effective tips for tanning

I think I speak for all my fellow sunlessly sun-kissed sistahs when I say I just can’t seem to get enough tips for tanning! I love them, I want more of them, and I probably spend far too much of my time searching for them.

Recently one of my girlfriends, who also shares my love for self-tanning, surprised me with an oh-so-simple solution she had discovered that helped to set her tan, allow it time to cure, and not wash off when she went to shower. Her secret? [Keep Reading]

How To Apply Self Tanning Lotion WITHOUT Streaking!

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How to apply self tanning lotion

Ever wanted to know how to apply self tanning lotion without getting those nasty looking streaks?

There are a few simple, but very important tricks worth following when you apply your self-tanning lotion. Like direction, density and speed directly affect traffic flow; they also affect your tan. [Keep Reading]

How To Fix A Fake Tan Gone Wrong

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So you over-did it with a self tanner and now you’re starting to look a little oompa loompa-ish. I’ve been there, in fact the first tan I ever self-applied looked like someone had sponge painted me a bright rusty orange colour. It was horrendous.

Not only did I skip school the next day, obvs, but I scrubbed and scrubbed until my skin felt raw.

Now when I go to apply a little faux-glow I have a back up plan that will not only help me to erase any mistakes, streaks, and hues-gone-wrong, but is also safe and gentle on my skin.

And what’s even better is you probably already have the ingredients lying around your house! [Keep Reading]

At-Home Tanning The DIY Way

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It’s no secret that getting your tan on is terrible for your skin, and tanning beds? Well they ain’t so great either. So what is a girl to do if she wants to rock her inner sun goddess but save the skin damage? Make your own self tanner of course!

That’s right! You can give yourself a bronzed glow from the comforts of your own home for, oh, TWO DOLLAS! *leaping fist pump*

And what’s even better is that this at-home tanning recipe I’m about to bestow on all you beauties is not only cheap but it’s also healthy for your skin and will last for about 4 days! [Keep Reading]