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Clarisonic Review: Over a Decade and Still Going Strong

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Clarisonic Review

Do you ever notice how much easier it is to apply cosmetics when your face is properly clean and moisturized?

Women of all ages came to this realization in 2004, as this was the year daily cleaning routines “faced” a remarkable change (pun totally intended).

So, if you’re wonder whether or not to splurge on yourself, read on my friend. This Clarisonic review can help you decide. [Keep Reading]

How to Use Oils in your Facial Skincare Routine

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How to Use Oils in your Facial Skincare Routine

*Guest Post by Lauren*

There’s been a lot of buzz around face oils lately, with claims that they can do everything from cure acne to remove of wrinkles. Some of these claims are a little overstated, but some are true.

While they might not be a miracle cure-all, oils can make a formidable addition to your skincare routine, regardless of your skin type.

They can strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier, give your epidermis an antioxidant boost, and yes, some of them can even prevent wrinkles.

So, if you want smooth, soft, glowing skin (and who doesn’t?), then follow these tips on how to use oils in your facial skincare routine. [Keep Reading]

Why Coconut Oil Should Be Your New Beauty Staple

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Why Coconut Oil Should Be Your New Beauty Staple

*Guest Post by Dr. George*

Are you looking for an all-around natural beauty product that you could add to your beauty staple?

You need not spend thousands on every beauty product on the market. You can look beautiful with just a bottle of coconut oil that costs $10 or less. Yes, this wonder oil has practically got it ‘oil’ for you!

Coconut oil is more than just for healthy cooking. It also does beauty wonders that can make you look and feel your best from head to toe. In fact, it is used in a variety of cosmetics and beauty products.

Here are the different uses of coconut oil that makes it worthy of a place as your new beauty staple… [Keep Reading]

The Ultimate Beauty Boosting Beverage

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The Ultimate Beauty Boosting Beverage

Beauty is more than what you put on the outside, it’s about taking care of yourself from the inside out as well. That means feeding your body with nourishing foods and supplements that will keep you healthy, happy and conveniently, glowing!

Now, if you don’t already do it drinking hot water with freshly squeezed lemon is a great way to start your day. Not only does it rev your engine and refresh you in a way that your daily cup of joe cannot, but it reduces inflammation, flushes toxins and keeps your skin blemish free too. Not too shabby for a cup of warm citrus water, eh!

If you really want to kick it up a notch, then try our brand spanking new beauty boosting beverage recipe. [Keep Reading]

Minimizing Scars after Breast Surgery Naturally

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Minimizing Scars after Breast Surgery Naturally

*Guest Post by Victoria*

Some people see their scars as proof they endured excruciating pain or accomplished an extraordinary feat. However, scars can also bring back painful memories or cause our self-esteem to diminish. There are variety of creams and lotions available that claim to diminish scars or make them vanish completely.

While it may be tempting to try them out, they are often loaded with chemicals, and they aren’t guaranteed to yield the results you hope for. Rather than spending a fortune on these options following breast reconstruction, you would be surprised that you likely have everything you need to apply a more natural remedy in your home right now.

Here are 7 home remedies for minimizing scars after breast surgery naturally…and they are certainly worth trying for any kind of scarring! [Keep Reading]

The Best DIY Anti Aging Cream

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The best DIY anti aging cream

Want to make your own anti aging cream? Yep. Well good news – It’s possible and very doable.

DIY is becoming a popular option for many people due to the obvious benefits you can get from it, like knowing the exact ingredients that are used and being assured that the right process was done in order to achieve perfect results, as it was of course you who made it!

The best part of DIY that everybody loves is the savings that you can get from it. Using DIY products is definitely way cheaper than using store-bought items found in stores….and who doesn’t love some solid savings? [Keep Reading]

6 Savvy Sun Protection Tips

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6 Sun Protection Tips

Each year there are approximately 3.5 million cases of skin cancer.

That’s a scary little statistic!

We all know the importance of applying sunscreen, yet we still fail to do so. Perhaps we aren’t sure which is best suited for our skin, believe our SPF facial moisturizer will do the trick or employ pure negligence.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to take responsibility for our skin and ultimately, our health. [Keep Reading]

Bug Off: How To Make Your Own Homemade Bug Repellent

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How to make your own homemade bug repellent

Summer’s great and all, but there is one thing that comes with summer that I could totally live without; bugs!

As a child, my family always went camping for two weeks in the summer and we took it pretty seriously. Picture tents, sleeping bags, freshly caught fish cooked over a fire and outhouses.

The Taylor’s did not believe in Glam-ping, oh no!  There were no air mattresses under our sleeping bags and I’m fairly certain the closest I came to showering during these two weeks was splish-splashing in the nearby river or lake. [Keep Reading]

How To Get Rid of Cracked Feet

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A quick DIY on how to cure cracked feet

Cold winds, dry climates and constantly running in and out of heated buildings and snow covered cities can seriously do some damage to your skin. Frizzy hair and chapped lips typically come to mind when Winter starts approaching, so you might be shocked to know that inclement Winter weather is also responsible for…wait for it…cracked feet!

Yes ma’am; dry, cracked, sandpaper-like feet can occur even when sock-sporting weather is upon us. Moisturizing your tootsies on a regular basis may sound like a simple and quick task, but since you rarely see the skin in the socks it’s easy to forget about.

Lucky for you, I am here to bring your feet to the forefront, teach you how to get rid of cracked feet, and shame you for all that neglect. [Keep Reading]

A Pumpkin Face Mask Perfect For Fall

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how to make a Pumpkin face mask

We really are in the thick of it, aren’t we ladies? From blustery weather to mid-Autumn Hurricane Sandy, earlier-than-usual snow to small bursts of sunshine that put a pep in our step, Autumn is here and she ain’t leaving anytime soon.

Usually I hate all things cold-related (unless it is a cold drink on a warm day) but lately I seem to be appreciating the Autumn colours, the cute boots I get to wear, and of course the Pumpkin-spiced lattes! [Keep Reading]